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Brisbane Devoured: Southern Spice Indian

October 31, 2010

Southern Spice Indian

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Southern Spice is (one of) our local Indian restaurants. We’ve not eaten in the restaurant itself, but gotten takeaway from there a few times. L couldn’t be bothered cooking on this particular evening, and I’d just gotten home from a long day at work and flopped on the couch, so Indian takeaway it was.
They offer the “Spice meal for 2” which is a choice of either samosas or pakora (deepfried onion fritters), with one naan, two main meals and raita all for $41.90. This is only a saving of $4.20 but we knew we would probably be ordering all of this anyway so decided to take the offer. Unfortunately having previously experienced their naan, we knew we’d have to order another one anyway. Their naan is good, but on the smaller side, so couldn't be shared between two people. Or maybe we just eat too much?
So, L phoned up and ordered the pakora, Beef Vindaloo for him, Chicken Tikka Masala for me, then found out the deal only came with plain naan, so ordered that and a garlic naan in addition. 

Chicken Tikka Masala with garlic naan and pakora

Beef Vindaloo with plain naan and pakora

My chicken tikka masala was very tasty and flavoursome, had a bit of a spicy bite to it although this curry tends to be one of the milder ones. The chicken pieces were quite large and required chopping up but were very succulent. My garlic naan was yum, not too garlicky (sometimes these places absolutely pile the garlic on, and whilst I am a major garlic fan sometimes you are left with dragon breath for the rest of the evening).
L ate all the pakora because I was a bit too full, he was quite pleased with them and also with his Beef Vindaloo, saying the beef was tender and the sauce very flavoursome. L is a big fan of very spicy hot foods and always orders Vindaloo, whilst I tend to not order anything very spicy at all! He did comment that this vindaloo wasn't as hot as some, but that meant he could focus more on the flavour without his mouth just having that burning sensation.

The only problem we had was their raita is SUPER watery for some reason. Do they water it down to get more out of it?

Southern Spice restaurant is located on Logan Rd at Mount Gravatt. They offer an all you can eat Sunday lunch buffet which we’d have to try at some point, don’t know if I could cope with it, but L seems fairly keen! The buffet is $21.50 according to their website. The restaurant is licenced and BYO. They do deliveries for takeaway around the Mount Gravatt area.


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