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Brisbane Devoured: April 2011

April 23, 2011

Wah Korean Restaurant

Wah Korean Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Today was Easter Saturday, being one of the only days this long weekend that shops were actually open we decided to head into the city to do a bit of shopping. I had a list of places to eat that I wanted to try and blog, however NOTHING WAS OPEN!!! I was bitterly disappointed having walked all the way from the mall to find both Pourboy Espresso and Taros Ramen Cafe (we were hoping to eat at one of these places) closed for the weekend. 

We traipsed back to the mall and pondered on what to do when we walked past the tiny opening off the mall that leads to Wah Korean Restaurant. As I didn’t want to eat yet again at Little Singapore (our other option), we decided to try it out. 

Wah definitely has a blink and you’ll miss it entrance, being just off the mall near the entrance to the Myer Centre. The restaurant is down a couple of flights of stairs, and was full of Korean people, a good sign. We were presented with a couple of menus after being seated, which were $9.50 lunch specials and $13 stone pot specials. 

April 15, 2011

Passione Gelateria and Dessert Bar

Passione Gelateria & Dessert Bar on Urbanspoon

We popped into Passione Gelateria after dinner at Teneriffe one weekend evening. 
We perused their menu and admired the various chocolates and cakes in the display cabinet but in the end just decided to go with gelati. 

I got a scoop of Kinder Surprise and a scoop of Strawberries and Cream

L had Milk Chocolate and Stracciatella

April 05, 2011

Grasshopper Asian Kitchen

Grasshopper Asian Kitchen on Urbanspoon

We visited Grasshopper for dinner on the weekend. Afterwards I was definitely left with mixed feelings, which I understood more when I came home and after reading comments on Urbanspoon, realised that the restaurant has changed ownership recently. I felt like I had missed out on something terrific. We still had an okay meal but I was expecting more. 

When we arrived, there was only one other table of diners there. Perusing the menu, there was a few differences to the menu I had read online. Most of the same dishes were there, however there were additions of mostly boring sounding stirfry type meals. 

April 04, 2011

Era Cafe

Era Bistro on Urbanspoon

We held our engagement party at Era Bistro almost a year ago now. Since then we’ve been back for a uni function of L’s but have actually yet to eat there in either the bistro or the cafe. (Note that this review is for Era Cafe, not Era Bistro).

Today we rectified that, as we were in the area to visit the 21st Century Art Exhibition at GOMA (go and see it, it is awesome!), I googled Era and saw that the cafe does all day breakfasts on weekends. 

We walked in and seated ourselves indoors. There are large windows that were thrown open but it was a bit of a gusty day so the wind was blowing all the way through the cafe, making it a bit chilly. I hoped they would shut them, but alas they didn’t which unfortunately meant our food and drinks cooled themselves fast!

L ordered the Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon ($17.50) and a tomato juice, whilst I ordered grilled haloumi, poached eggs, rocket and parmesan salad ($14.50) with a side of bacon ($4). I was tossing up between this or the pork, fennel and garlic sausage with spiced tomato chutney and fried eggs... 
mmmm... but turns out, I’m a sucker for haloumi. I also ordered a T2 Earl Grey tea... pleased to find a place that actually serves tea leaves, not a teabag!!

April 01, 2011

Dami Japanese Restaurant

Dami Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

For the last month or so, we’ve been looking with interest at a new Japanese place that is located on the way to our gym... Unfortunately we haven’t tried it yet because stopping in on the way to the gym kind of defeats the purpose of going to the gym, however today we made it there for lunch. 

It doesn’t look like much from the outside but inside is lovely. There’s a collection of kitten and geisha statues, and little Japanese teasets adorning the walls, and one wall is covered in cool wooden squares. Dark wooden tables flow down both sides of the room, with one side being bench seats with coloured cushions to sit on. At the counter, there are dozens of made up sushi rolls for takeaway. We chose to take the table nearest the window and sat to peruse their menu.