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Brisbane Devoured: The Rare Pear

December 25, 2010

The Rare Pear

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We’ve visited the Rare Pear at Holland Park for breakfast several times now, but have not been for lunch up until today. Their breakfast menu is fantastic with more than the usual fare, offering things like breakfast bruschetta with tomatoes, asparagus and fetta, French brioche toast, and corn fritters with apple balsamic glaze and chilli jam.

Today we visited for lunch, and found it was fairly busy even on a Monday. It seems a popular place for “ladies who lunch”, as well as for all the local business people. 

The Rare Pear is situated on busy Logan Road, and has an outdoor eating area with only a few tables indoors. There is a large display cabinet offering most of the lunch choices – quiches, pies, wraps, sandwiches, and savoury crepes. Other offerings on the menu include a steak sandwich, savoury mince on corn dough bread and a haloumi open grill. 

 L decided on ordering a beef and mushroom pie with a side of chips ($13.90), whilst I went for a quiche with garden salad ($12.90). There was the usual quiche Lorraine plus an interesting sounding corned beef quiche, so I decided to go for that.

Our drinks were a latte for L at $3.90, and a chocolate milkshake for me at $4.50. Both drinks were fairly standard, the milkshake had a large amount of chocolate syrup in the bottom which was yummy. The Rare Pear uses a Di Bella coffee blend.

Chocolate milkshake and latte

Our meals came out promptly. Both our meals came with a small amount of sweet chilli jam as a side which I thought was a nice touch. It was only after eating about half of my quiche that I decided they must have given me the quiche Lorraine as the pieces of meat contained within looked distinctly more bacony than corned meatish. Oh well, it was still a really nice quiche. L’s pie was hearty with huge chunks of beef and the chips were crispy, large and more-ish. The batter was delicious.

quiche and garden salad
Beef and Mushroom pie and chips

The Rare Pear is a delightful little cafe and will continue to be a regular for us. The breakfast menu just has that little bit more oomph than the lunch menu though.

UPDATE 17/9/11: Apparently the Rare Pear has changed ownership, and although we haven't been there since this occurred, is sadly not as it used to be.


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