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Brisbane Devoured: October 2010

October 31, 2010

Southern Spice Indian

Southern Spice on Urbanspoon

Southern Spice is (one of) our local Indian restaurants. We’ve not eaten in the restaurant itself, but gotten takeaway from there a few times. L couldn’t be bothered cooking on this particular evening, and I’d just gotten home from a long day at work and flopped on the couch, so Indian takeaway it was.
They offer the “Spice meal for 2” which is a choice of either samosas or pakora (deepfried onion fritters), with one naan, two main meals and raita all for $41.90. This is only a saving of $4.20 but we knew we would probably be ordering all of this anyway so decided to take the offer. Unfortunately having previously experienced their naan, we knew we’d have to order another one anyway. Their naan is good, but on the smaller side, so couldn't be shared between two people. Or maybe we just eat too much?
So, L phoned up and ordered the pakora, Beef Vindaloo for him, Chicken Tikka Masala for me, then found out the deal only came with plain naan, so ordered that and a garlic naan in addition. 

Ajisen Ramen Brisbane

Ajisen Ramen Brisbane on Urbanspoon

Wow our first post.... amazing. It took us about 3 days of brainstorming to actually come up with the name of our blog, however I think our first review won’t take that long to write at all!
Ajisen Ramen is one of our new favourite places to eat lunch when we venture into the city. It is a Japanese based chain with stores in China, Japan, the U.S. and all over South East Asia. Stores in Australia are located in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane of course. 

According to their website, there are many different types of ramen soup bases. Ajisen Ramen’s specialty is the tonkatsu or pork soup base.
Ajisen does have numerous other Japanese dishes including Bento boxes, rice dishes, all sorts of side dishes including gyoza, karaage and edamame, however we believe if you are going to visit, you definitely should try their ramen. Some of the side dishes or appetisers that they offer look fairly dodgy to me anyway, like frozen type spring rolls, calamari etc.