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Brisbane Devoured: 2011

December 22, 2011

A Change....

Hi there,

Currently, we are in the process of moving the Brisbane Devoured blog to our own hosted site. This means it may be a little while before a new post is made. 

When it is up and running, a redirection will be in place to link posts from the old site to the new site, so the old blogger blog will be no more. It has served its purpose for now, but we feel we'd like to move on... 

C & L

December 13, 2011

Hong Depot

Hong Depot on Urbanspoon

Hong Depot is a recently opened Korean restaurant in West End. You can't really miss it, occupying a prime position on the corner of Melbourne and Boundary streets that was once a petrol station. The Brisbane CBD is absolutely full of Korean restaurants, but this seems to be the first one that has ventured over to West End. Hong Depot offers small lunch options and their dinner menu consists of only Korean barbeque.

The restaurant is open air, with roller door style windows that allow fresh air to enter, and for smoke from the constant barbequing to flow out. There are alien like copper vents over every table which are able to be pulled directly over your grill to vacuum up all the smokiness. 

December 10, 2011

Beastie Burgers

Beastie Burgers on Urbanspoon

Of the seemingly endless supply of gourmet burger places that are around Brisbane, Beastie Burgers was one that we were yet to try. We weren't really aching to try it out, as we're usually just happy with a simple Grill'd burger. We found ourselves wandering around Southbank at lunchtime, so decided to actually look at their menu.

Beastie Burgers certainly has one of the best burger menus that we've seen with interesting choices and ingredients, such as gruyere cheese, sweet potato and haloumi. They also do salads, which seemed a popular choice with other diners that day, and looked really huge and delicious. Sides include handcut chips and onion rings. They are licenced and have a reasonable beer list. They also do milkshakes in an old-school style metal cup with fabulous flavours; lindt chocolate, vanilla bean and tiramisu are some of these.

December 05, 2011

Ole Restaurant

Ole Restaurant on Urbanspoon

We had been watching and waiting for Ole Restaurant to open for what seemed like months, every time we walked past the site with blocked up windows, I said to L, we HAVE to eat there once it opens. Then Ole opened and... we didn't get there. We read the mixed reviews with a bit of trepidation, and so headed there for dinner last weekend. 

Ole has a no booking policy, so we rocked up on a Saturday evening hoping for a table. Thankfully there was one available, but we were placed perched on the end of one of their long and high group tables. We were hoping noone would be squished in beside us, however someone did end up being seated there. Clearly uncomfortable, they decided to ask to move, and this luckily left us with a bit of elbow room.

We definitely wanted sangria, and so umming and aahing between white and red, ended up with a jug of the red ($28 per jug). The sangria was just beautiful, really spiced and very easy to drink, although unfortunately not very alcoholic. We could easily have sat there and just drunk the sangria all night long, definitely recommended as a refreshing summer drink.

November 29, 2011


L'Acadamie on Urbanspoon

For those not in the know, L'Academie is a training restaurant for students of the Shaftson School of Hospitality. The place is quite large, with a restaurant, cafe at the front, bar, and upstairs areas for functions. We went there as part of a large (65 people) group booking for L's graduating uni year.

Our experience at L'Academie was basically a lot more miss than hit. Sure, there was a lot working against them as we were a massive group of mostly tipsy students, and of course, the kitchen staff are not professional chefs, however this shouldn't really be an excuse for very average food.

Dinner bookings at L'Academie involve a three course meal, however for some reason there was a giant mixup and we recieved our mains before our entrees. We were seated at 7.30pm, and found there was not actually enough seats for our group, so that other patrons of the restaurant had to be moved around unfortunately, and a few other tables and chairs had to be found. There was quite a reasonable wait for each course.

The mains were as follows; Tasmanian rosemary lamb rump on sweet potato mash with tomato, bulgarian Fetta & mint salsa, Moroccan chicken supreme with new season blood orange sauce on warm couscous salad and finally Cold water slipper lobster with brown rice pilaf, braised leek and chive beurre blanc.

On paper, this sounded amazing, however we did not find it to be so.

November 19, 2011


Campos on Urbanspoon

Another Monday off, another Monday of L and I pondering on where to go out for brunch/lunch. This time, we decided to drive into the Valley in order to finally visit Campos coffee. I have had to drool over all their tweet updates on their everchanging menu for a while, and have been wanting to visit. Campos coffee is originally from Sydney, and started out 9 years ago, now expanding to Melbourne and obviously Brisbane. Their coffee beans are not only used in Campos cafes, many other cafes choose to use their beans. Campos in Fortitude Valley also has a cupping room and retail store.

We easily found a park on an unfortunately just tarred road nearby (picture me tiptoeing across the road because I didn't want to get tar on my new shoes). Finding Campos is a bit difficult as its not so obvious from the street front. Yes, it is actually down that unassuming laneway with the garbage bins out front, and this is unfortunately a little offputting.

November 15, 2011

Sono Portside

Sono Japanese Restaurant Portside on Urbanspoon

Think of the name Sono and you immediately think of what is widely known to be Brisbanes premier Japanese Restaurant. Sono at Portside was established in 2007 as a more modern accompaniment to its very traditional sister restaurant in Brisbane city. L and I have eaten at Sono in the city years ago for a special occasion (prior to this blog commencing) but had not yet had the privilege of eating at Sono Portside. Imagine our delight when we recieved an invitation to dine there recently.

The restaurant has lovely views overlooking the Brisbane river. Entering the main dining area, its both spacious and luxurious. We were lucky to be seated in one of the larger tables with a view at the window. 

November 12, 2011

La Vosh Deli - Anzac Square

La Vosh Deli (Anzac Square) on Urbanspoon

Being from a Jewish family and also originally from Melbourne, L had not had a good bagel since moving to Queensland 5 years ago. We read on Miss Morags Morsels that LaVosh patisserie definitely had the best bagels in Brisbane, being authentically made (boiled first and then baked). The original Red Hill location was difficult for us to get to though, so when I heard the news that a new LaVosh deli had opened in the Anzac Square arcade food court, we wanted to go and have bagels immediately!

Bagels there are sold separately to take home, or come pre-prepared with meats and salads, or you can make your own combination up. There are also plenty of sweet goodies available as well, including macaroons and little petit fours. 

L had a smoked salmon poppyseed bagel with capers, cream cheese, onion and rocket, whilst mine had pastrami, rocket, tomato, cheese and a nice relish. 

November 07, 2011


Wagaya on Urbanspoon

Wagaya is one of the latest Sydney restaurants that have chosen to open a new branch in Brisbane, resulting in much excitement being produced by L and I as a) its Japanese b) they have a super cool touch screen ordering system, thus eliminating the need for awkward conversation interrupting moments from waitstaff. Yes, I guess this means it can be a bit impersonal but the novelty of the touchscreen overcomes that. 

Wagaya is located on an upper level just off the Chinatown mall in Fortitude Valley. Heres a tip for you if you are going to complain about the parking situation in these surrounds, if you park in the Chinatown parking lot, its only $5 if you produce your parking ticket at Wagaya! 

Walking into the restaurant is very welcoming, and you are immediately taken to your private booth. The restaurant is larger than expected, with rows of booths and a back room with larger group function areas. 

Basically you are left to your own devices with the touchscreen menu, which is very simple to navigate, and there is always a "confirm order" button if you accidentally press on something you don't wish to order. There is a large selection of drinks; cocktails, umeshu, wine, sake and beer, as well as nonalcoholic cocktails and beverages.

November 04, 2011

Our Day At The Brisbane Good Food and Wine Show

Today we were fortunate to be able to attend the Good Food and Wine Show which is on at the Brisbane Convention Centre. There are still two more packed out days of fun and food to attend, so be sure to get yourself down there this weekend.

As soon as we arrived we made our way to the Celebrity Theatre box office and were able to grab tickets to the Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris of Masterchef fame's cooking demonstration. This is free but you must have a prebooked seat, which you can either get with your original entry ticket purchase or head to the box office as soon as you are there on the day. We left it all up to luck and were thankfully able to grab tickets to it and were seated right down the front in the second row, prime viewing position!

October 24, 2011

Menya Mappen Noodle Bar

Menya Mappen Noodle Bar on Urbanspoon

As an avid reader of several Sydney food blogs, I was well aware of Menya Mappen in Sydney, and was so excited to see that one had opened up at Sunnybank. L and I raced over there for lunch last week. 

The place is small, but with plenty of bench seating and a high rotation of noodle consumers you are bound to get a seat. Add that in with a not-so-efficient ordering system, and there were plenty of seats available but with a line to order going out the door and down the pavement. 

The ordering system is cafeteria like. Basically, there are several noodle options available, so you start by choosing your base. L and I both went for the sukiyaki beef option however I had udon and L had soba, just to say that we weren't getting the same thing (we argue about this, I always say we cannot order the same dish). 

October 17, 2011


Alchemy Restaurant and Bar on Urbanspoon

L and I don't often visit fancy fine dining restaurants, so L's birthday definitely called for something a little bit special. Perusing various menus, we both decided on Alchemy. Alchemy is located in a prime spot overlooking the Brisbane River and the Story Bridge, a perfect spot for a lovely romantic dinner. Unfortunately the place is a little difficult to find for first-timers, leaving us arriving in a fluster and somewhat late. 

The atmosphere inside was welcoming, although the restaurant is fairly dark inside, it was full of happy diners and didn't have that stuffy fine-dining ambience that we were expecting. Walking into the bar area, we were greeted warmly and taken to our table. I immediately noticed the cool red chandeliers dangling from the ceiling, soooooo want one of those hanging over our dining table.

We aren't particularly expert in wines and we usually reach straight for a Sauvignon blanc, however having tried most of the sauv blancs on the menu we asked for something a bit different. Our waiter sent the sommelier over to our table and he kindly pointed us in the direction of a Domaines Schlumberger Pinot Blanc, a French white which was very easy to drink, crisp but not terribly acidic. 

We were presented with complementary bread and whipped butter and decided on our meals. 

October 14, 2011

Little Saigon Grill

Little Saigon Grill on Urbanspoon

Brisbane city is ridiculously difficult to get around when its raining and you are without an umbrella. We were in the city one weekday trying to locate somewhere to eat for lunch when it started bucketing down. We ducked into a small arcade (Rowes arcade) in Edward street, which connects with Post Office Square, and found Little Saigon Grill. 

Familiar with Vietnamese food after our trip to Vietnam earlier in the year, we were happy with this find. 
The usual suspects are on the menu, including banh mi (meat filled baguettes), pho, rice paper rolls and grilled meat with rice noodle salads. 

My banh mi had a super crunchy exterior to the baguette, but the bread was nice and soft on the inside. Delicious sliced pork with plenty of herbs made for a great lunch. The only fault was having to pick off the chewy rind from the pork. 

October 09, 2011

Giveaway Tickets!! Brisbane Good Food and Wine Show

Good news, the Brisbane Good Food and Wine Show is on again, at the Brisbane Convention Centre from Friday the 4th of November to Sunday the 6th of November. 

Probably the most exciting part is the chance to see celebrity chefs and their kitchen demonstrations; Matt Moran, George Calombaris, Gary Mehigan, Tobie Puttock and Manu Feildel. 

Also exciting is the introduction of a dedicated gluten-free area, featuring products from exhibitors and specialised cooking demonstrations.

There is a range of other classes and demonstrations including; 
  • Riedel Decanter Bar – savour speciality wines with a panel of wine experts.
  • Riedel Wine Theatre – get your tastebuds tingling as you sample top drops and master the art of wine/food matching with Australia’s finest viticulture experts.
  • CheeseMatters Discover Class - cheese experts step you through a cheese tasting, matched with a glass of fine wine or beer and other accompaniments.
  • Sunbeam Academy – cupcakes and coffee, the essentials of life. Tie on an apron and learn to master the making of both with tips from the pros.
  • Oxford Landing Estate Restaurant – be transported to South Australia in an instant and enjoy dishes prepared with the best SA ingredients and perfectly complemented with a glass of Oxford Landing Estates wine.
  • Barilla Pasta Class – enter the interactive ‘Casa Barilla’ to learn more about pasta – taste it, and try to make the perfect pasta dish yourself.
  • Chef Book Signing Sessions – we all have our favourite – and this is your chance to meet them and have your cookbook signed. 
Head to Brisbane Good Food and Wine Show for more information and to buy tickets. Adult entry tickets start at $21.50, and you can also buy tickets to the Celebrity shows and various classes. 

 We do have a double pass (2 adult entry tickets) to giveaway!!!!!!!
To enter: leave a comment on this post (leave your email address please), or email us at
You have until 8pm Monday the 24th of October to enter! Winner will be decided via a random number generator and tickets can be posted to you.

October 07, 2011


Cirque on Urbanspoon

On L's birthday, we thought we would head out for a nice lunch with my sister, and thought of Cirque at New Farm as an option, having never been there and wishing to try it out. 
Cirque is a blink and you'll miss it shopfront located along the massive stretch of Brunswick street at the New Farm end. Indoors is tiny and a bit cramped, we were seated downstairs, however there is an upstairs section as well that we didn't get a chance to check out. 

The coffee brand used is Genovese from Italy. L's latte was fabulous and while very strong as is typical of Italian coffee, it was well made and not bitter. My sister ordered a refreshing watermelon, pineapple and mint juice of which I was super envious, whilst I panicked and got an iced chocolate... it was okay but I'd hoped for something larger. I do prefer when chocolate syrup is used rather than chocolate powder, so this was a bonus.

October 03, 2011

Verve Restaurant Bar Cider House

Verve Restaurant Bar Cider House on Urbanspoon

Apparently Verve's actual title is longer than we thought, Verve Restaurant Bar Cider House is certainly a mouthful. Located in the basement of the Metro Arts Centre on Edward Street in the city, its certainly more difficult to find than we thought as well. After a performance at La Boite Theatre on a weeknight, we were looking for somewhere to eat in the city and thought we might try it out. 

They certainly nailed the basement look. Descending a staircase, the restaurant is brick walled and very dark. The place was noisy and we got a student vibe from the patrons. Seating involves plastic orange chairs, but tables are plenty. There is a bar up the very back,  not that we ventured far. 

Verve serves up italian food, and also has a considerable cider list. We aren't sure, but there must not be many bars in Brisbane with such a variety. I ordered my glass of usual sauv blanc, however L decided on a Bulmers pear cider (500ml, $10). Served on ice, it was most refreshing. Other varieties sound quite interesting, including Rekorderlig strawberry and lime, and St Helier pear and blackcurrent and I regret not trying one of these.

October 01, 2011


Anouk on Urbanspoon

Although Anouk is widely known and blogged for being one of the best places for breakfast, L and I had not visited up until this occasion. Its the opposite side of town for us, and we very rarely get over to Paddington. After months of wanting to visit, we made the trek on a Monday morning. Grabbing a street park in this area is like trying to find a purple and green spotted cat, so we were pleased to nab one just outside, yes!

There were indoor and outdoor tables, however we preferred to sit out in the sun and watch the cars and pedestrians go by. Indoors looked to be packed out with local "trendy" people.
The breakfast menu looks extremely interesting with such dishes as chai infused coconut rice with almonds, baklava french toast with apple, pistachio and walnut crumble, and maple baked beans with poached egg and kefalotiri soldiers. It was refreshing to see, and great to not have to order the usual eggs benedict and bacon and eggs.

L as usual wanted what I wanted, so I won out with the smashed bubble and squeak with maple cured bacon and spicy red pepper and pork pesto. The bubble and squeak component was mainly potato, sweet potato, spinach and cabbage. The best part was the sweet bacon, but the rest was full of flavour and definitely had a spicy kick. It was a tiny bit greasy, but a minor complaint. 

September 25, 2011


Portofino on Urbanspoon

Continuing on our Italian theme... we seem to have really eaten a lot of Italian lately... after trying to get a late-notice table at a few other places, we booked a Saturday night dinner at Portofino at New Farm a couple of weekends ago. We've eaten there quite a few times, but haven't been in absolutely ages, so were surprised to find upon rocking up for our booking that the decor had changed, and so had apparently the ownership. We were somewhat dubious, however were willing to see how it compared.

The main highlight of Portofino, which otherwise used to be known as Cafe Portofino, is the large cannot-miss-it display cabinet full of Italian desserts and sweets. So many diners seem to come here just for dessert after eating at other restaurants, which was quite evident on the night.

Dinner menu items otherwise include a variety of pastas, pizzas and Italian mains, all very reasonably priced.

We started with a good old basic bruschetta for $10. Serving size was quite large, there were 3 pieces of crusty bread with a pile of tomato atop. I thought the bread was a bit too crusty and overdone and thought the whole thing was a bit too run-of-the-mill, however L disagreed with me and really liked it.

September 20, 2011

The Red Hen

The Red Hen on Urbanspoon

One Sunday evening I met L after work in West End, and we ventured down to check out the stretch of restaurants located on Hardgrave Road. Amongst these are quite a few Vietnamese places, including Trang which we really want to eat at, the Tibetan Kitchen and the Red Hen which we settled on. 
Even though it was very early, it was oddly empty, there was one other table that was eating when we got there, however they left soon after, leaving us as the restaurants sole patrons! This made me a bit nervous about the food to come, however we were very surprised to be on the recieving end of some extremely delicious good Italian food. Apologies for the darkness of the photos to follow, the restaurant is not well lit.

To start we shared bruschetta done two ways ($10); L had a piece with mushrooms and provolone whilst my piece of bread was covered in crushed chickpeas, tomato, red onion and basil. They were simple flavours and whilst I found mine a little plain, L really liked his which was very cheesy and generous with the mushrooms. 

September 16, 2011

In A Pickle

In a Pickle on Urbanspoon

In A Pickle is certainly the definition of a suburban cafe. Its tucked away in a backstreet of Camp Hill, alongside a few other cafes and restaurants most notably Restaurant Rapide and Mons Sabai Thai. We were only aware of it from reading a review on another blog, and so popped in for brunch whilst in the area.

There is only seating outdoors on the footpath, not usually a problem except for this occasions construction happening across the street. There are some very interesting goods available indoors such as different cordials, conserves and sweets available to buy and take home. There is also a large fridge full of ready to prepare meals for those who need a quick dinner.

We ordered breakfast along with an iced chocolate for myself and a latte for L. Coffee was of a Segafredo blend and reasonably made. My iced chocolate was presented old-school style in a metal cup, icy cold. 

September 12, 2011

Willow and Spoon

Willow and Spoon on Urbanspoon

L and I had to head over to "the northside" (cue dramatic music.... we are southsiders yo), for an early Saturday morning meeting for our wedding cake. 
I frantically did some googling before we left for somewhere to have breakfast at afterwards and found Willow and Spoon. 

It was unfortunately rainy and cold and the only spare tables were out the front however it wasn't that unpleasant. The furnishings are a bit vintage chic, something you'd make yourself or buy at vinnies and I found this a bit cute. 

The breakfast menu is definitely interesting and even L who is normally bored by breakfast offerings had his ears perked up... although the food is on the expensive side, not that this bothered us, but it might bother some.

September 09, 2011

Little Green Cafe

Little Green Café on Urbanspoon

 Little Green Cafe is a shining star in an area that is definitely lacking in inspirational cafes to visit. We have eaten here several times now, and each time been impressed with their service, food prices and most importantly, L is very happy with the coffee they serve up. (All of these things being the complete opposite of the boring Coffee Club located next door - seriously why do people think they are any good?)

On this occasion we ordered from the breakfast menu, which is available all day. Lunch options include burgers, BLTs and a range of turkish bread sandwiches from their display window. 

L's french toast ($13?) was served with creme anglaise (fancy word for custard) and a lightly poached pear. The serving size was decent and the combination of all was very creamy and filling. 

September 04, 2011


Nagomi Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Brought to you by the owners of Sono Restaurants at Portside and in the City, Nagomi has been open at the Eagle St Pier for quite a while and clearly caters to city workers for a quick and cheap lunch option. 
We visited Nagomi after the usual lunch rush, so at about 1.30pm on a weekday and found ourselves in an almost empty place. I've walked past before at about 12pm though and found the place completely full. 
Nagomi offers sushi, Bento boxes, Donburi and salads which are easily either eaten in or takeaway. 

L and I ordered Bento boxes, which start at $12.90. They come with rice, pickled vegetables, gyoza, cream croquettes, salad, and edamame. They are available in Chicken teriyaki, Chicken karaage, Pork or Chicken katsu, or Teriyaki hamburger patty. There are a couple of 'upgrades' available, $1 extra to have japanese curry sauce or teriyaki sauce on your rice, or $2 extra to have sushi rolls or fried rice instead of plain rice. I went for the base bento box with pork katsu, and L had chicken karaage with an upgrade from rice to sushi rolls. 

August 28, 2011

Green Papaya Balinese and Thai

Green Papaya Balinese & Thai on Urbanspoon

Green Papaya located on Stanley Street just near the Gabba offers a menu of typical Balinese and Thai dishes with a bit more of a posh dining experience than your usual casual Thai eatery. 
Indoors is quite cosy and romantic, with tablecloth lined tables for two and intimate mood lighting. A great setting for a first date. Not a great setting for taking photos of the food for this blog post unfortunately. 

Our favourite Thai Beer

One thing I did notice about being on Stanley Street and the restaurant being on a corner is you end up being blinded by car lights quite regularly. This is not so romantic.

There are separations of the menu into Balinese and Thai offerings, and also a winter specials menu with such interesting dishes as Pad Kangaroo and Island curry (roast duck or tofu in red curry sauce with tomato, pineapple and lychee). 

We decided to both order from the Balinese menu as we haven't really eaten Balinese food before, even though we expected it to be fairly similar to other South East Asian cuisines.

August 26, 2011

Ben's Alibi

Ben's Alibi on Urbanspoon

Ben's Alibi is a newish breakfast and lunch spot in the city. We've spotted it when driving down Turbot street, so I googled it and realised they served Moroccan and Middle eastern influenced food. 

We didn't realise it was just outside the magistrates court until we arrived there for lunch, and then figured out how they got their name... cute. There is seating indoors, and then larger tables outside, however be wary of catching cigarette fumes from people smoking outside the courthouse. Indoors, the tables and floor could be a bit cleaner I thought, particularly for a place thats not that old.

Lunch items include spicy sausages, Moroccan themed salads, pizzas and sandwiches, pies and pastries. Other extras include various dips, bread and sides, or their sharing platters, which is what we decided to opt for. 

Ben's vegetarian tasting platter for two is priced at $20.80 per person, and can be made to include meaty items (pastries) for an extra $4, so not really a cheap lunch. 

August 19, 2011

Schonell Pizza Caffe

Schonell Pizza Caffe on Urbanspoon

I used to eat at Schonell Pizza Caffe HEAPS when I was a student (at least once a week). Their pizzas were awesome, excellent bases and only a few ingredients as is usual with good pizzas, and they were cheap. I also got a student discount of course.

Since I left uni which was 6 years ago, I have only eaten there maybe twice. This last occasion was a stop in on the way home from L's touch football game which he plays at UQ (L is a student there). 
Schonell Pizza Caffe is located near the main refectory at UQ at St Lucia, outside the Schonell Theatre which usually plays arthouse type movies. 

The menu rather cutely lists a different type of pizza for each letter of the alphabet. The Caffe is also licensed, with beer and wine. Pizzas for normal people start at $14 and for a student, $12.

I ordered my old favourite, the 'P' pizza (or Pasolini), which is pancetta, roasted potato, rosemary and parmesan. 

August 17, 2011


Tuckeria Fresh Mexican on Urbanspoon

Although we had decided we were going to get around to try all the different Mexican joints in the Valley (and also other areas... there are now two different places at Southbank for example)... we haven't exactly been quick to get there.
We finally decided on Tuckeria for a lunch visit on a weekday a couple of weeks ago.

Tuckeria has a fastfood outlet appearance, with food available to takeaway or to eat in the courtyard outside. 
We both decided to order burritos. I ordered a steak burrito which comes with mexican rice, a choice of pinto or black beans and tomato salsa (I got medium, but also available mild or hot). Coriander and onion are free of charge to add as extras. Other extras are available at a small cost and include cheese, jalapenos, guacamole, corn and lettuce amongst others. I elected for black beans instead of pinto beans and cheese as an extra. 

L had a burrito mojado, which was a regular burrito topped with melted cheese and two spicy salsas; ranchera and tomatillo, and was $3 extra than a regular burrito. He elected to have a chorizo filling.

August 14, 2011

Sydney - Iiza

Iiza on Urbanspoon

Saturday night in Sydney was spent going out for dinner and drinks nearish to where my friend S lives.... so after one of the scariest cab rides of my life (and I have been in cabs in Vietnam and Thailand so this is saying something), we arrived outside Iiza Japanese restaurant in Newtown. Trusty Urbanspoon seemed to have good things to say, so I trusted my friends judgement in saying this was a good restaurant.

The restaurant was packed out, and this was only the downstairs area. Apparently there was a whole other level upstairs, which explained why there was always numerous groups coming and going through the restaurant.
We ordered a whole bottle of Umeshu (plum wine $38 per bottle) between us to drink, the first thing I noticed was that it was Kikkoman - same brand as the soy sauce - and that it was rather darkly coloured. The only plum wine I have ever had was a pale yellow colour. It was a lot stronger flavoured than the plum wine I have previously had, but was still pleasantly sweet and easy to drink.

August 13, 2011

Sydney - Cafe Cre Asion

Cafe Cre Asion on Urbanspoon

In Sydney for the weekend, I had hoped to try and make it over to Adriano Zumbo's patisserie for some macarons, however as this was probably not going to be likely, I searched for somewhere else to grab some as a present for L. 

I came across Cafe CreAsion on the NSW Urbanspoon site, it had been reviewed by numerous bloggers and seemed to be the place to go in the CBD for macarons.

My friend and I trudged around the city trying to find it, and finally managed to locate it in this little back street at about 5 o'clock on the Saturday. I hadn't high hopes for actually finding the place open at this time, but to my surprise it was, although all they were selling was macarons, which was okay by me.

August 10, 2011

Sydney - Charlie & Co Burgers

Charlie & Co Burgers on Urbanspoon
Well I went down to Sydney last weekend to visit a friend, unfortunately L didn’t come with me, and the weekend didn’t end up involving as much food as I would normally like (and if L had have come with me, we would have probably eaten out 8 times a day).
One of the places I did visit was the food court at the top of the new Westfield on Pitt St mall in Sydney city. This food court is absolutely amazeballs in my opinion, and I would love to either a) live in the foodcourt or b) for something like this to appear in Brisbane. Neither option is likely to happen soon though.

Justin North, chef of Becasse, who I remember appearing on Masterchef a few times, has a burger place in the foodcourt called Charlie and Co. You have the option of paying a couple of dollars more for eating in, with table service, or the cheaper option of takeaway, and sitting almost in the restaurant anyway, however having to go collect your food when the buzzer goes off. It’s not really worth paying extra for table service in my opinion, as you still get a plate and proper cutlery, and it’s really almost the same.