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Brisbane Devoured

December 22, 2011

A Change....

Hi there,

Currently, we are in the process of moving the Brisbane Devoured blog to our own hosted site. This means it may be a little while before a new post is made. 

When it is up and running, a redirection will be in place to link posts from the old site to the new site, so the old blogger blog will be no more. It has served its purpose for now, but we feel we'd like to move on... 

C & L

December 13, 2011

Hong Depot

Hong Depot on Urbanspoon

Hong Depot is a recently opened Korean restaurant in West End. You can't really miss it, occupying a prime position on the corner of Melbourne and Boundary streets that was once a petrol station. The Brisbane CBD is absolutely full of Korean restaurants, but this seems to be the first one that has ventured over to West End. Hong Depot offers small lunch options and their dinner menu consists of only Korean barbeque.

The restaurant is open air, with roller door style windows that allow fresh air to enter, and for smoke from the constant barbequing to flow out. There are alien like copper vents over every table which are able to be pulled directly over your grill to vacuum up all the smokiness. 

December 10, 2011

Beastie Burgers

Beastie Burgers on Urbanspoon

Of the seemingly endless supply of gourmet burger places that are around Brisbane, Beastie Burgers was one that we were yet to try. We weren't really aching to try it out, as we're usually just happy with a simple Grill'd burger. We found ourselves wandering around Southbank at lunchtime, so decided to actually look at their menu.

Beastie Burgers certainly has one of the best burger menus that we've seen with interesting choices and ingredients, such as gruyere cheese, sweet potato and haloumi. They also do salads, which seemed a popular choice with other diners that day, and looked really huge and delicious. Sides include handcut chips and onion rings. They are licenced and have a reasonable beer list. They also do milkshakes in an old-school style metal cup with fabulous flavours; lindt chocolate, vanilla bean and tiramisu are some of these.

December 05, 2011

Ole Restaurant

Ole Restaurant on Urbanspoon

We had been watching and waiting for Ole Restaurant to open for what seemed like months, every time we walked past the site with blocked up windows, I said to L, we HAVE to eat there once it opens. Then Ole opened and... we didn't get there. We read the mixed reviews with a bit of trepidation, and so headed there for dinner last weekend. 

Ole has a no booking policy, so we rocked up on a Saturday evening hoping for a table. Thankfully there was one available, but we were placed perched on the end of one of their long and high group tables. We were hoping noone would be squished in beside us, however someone did end up being seated there. Clearly uncomfortable, they decided to ask to move, and this luckily left us with a bit of elbow room.

We definitely wanted sangria, and so umming and aahing between white and red, ended up with a jug of the red ($28 per jug). The sangria was just beautiful, really spiced and very easy to drink, although unfortunately not very alcoholic. We could easily have sat there and just drunk the sangria all night long, definitely recommended as a refreshing summer drink.