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Brisbane Devoured: January 2011

January 31, 2011

The Tea Centre

Tea Centre on Urbanspoon

I am obsessed with tea. No, scratch that, completely in love with tea. To me, tea is so much subtler and more refined than a ‘punch you in the face’ cup of coffee (not a coffee fan at all here). To me, nothing at all beats a good cup of tea. 

I have also converted L from a coffee fan into a tea fan and am rather smug about this, particularly as he loves his coffee and worked as a barista for a long time. At home, we have numerous types of teas, ranging from flavoured black teas to white and green tea blends. 

Most of them have been purchased at The Tea Centre. There are a few different branches of the Tea Centre around the place, with two in the city and one at Robina down on the Gold Coast, however the branch in Albert Lane in the city also serves cakes and food and is a great place for an afternoon cuppa. 

January 30, 2011

Bavarian Bier Cafe

Bavarian Bier Cafe on Urbanspoon

After spending a week or so in a massive post-holiday depression, what better than to snap us out of it and cheer us up than a meal at the loud and friendly Bavarian Bier Cafe?
Bavarian Bier Cafe has 8 or so branches, one being up here in Brisvegas at the Eagle Street Pier and the other 7 being down in Sydney. As soon as I’d heard about it opening, I’d been wanting to visit... who couldn’t go past fatty pork, sausages, schnitzel and steins of beer? This was the kind of stuff to put hairs on your chest... errr if you want them that is. 

We toddled over there with an 8pm booking on a Saturday night. I had heard that this was probably the busiest and loudest time to visit, and my sources were clearly not mistaken.... The place was packed out and full of loud red-faced happy people. 

January 28, 2011

Travelling Vietnam

We've been out of action for the first part of 2011, and have obviously missed some major happenings in Brisbane whilst we've been away...our hearts go out to everyone affected by the flooding in good ol' Brisvegas. 
The first three weeks of our year thus far have been spent travelling around Vietnam, which was an amazing holiday. Vietnam is a truly beautiful country and an absolute must-see in our opinion. 

Unfortunately our travelling means that I haven't been able to update our blog for a while, but this blog entry is totally devoted to the amazing food we ate whilst on our travels.
Our travels took us from the northern part of Vietnam, visiting Hanoi and Halong Bay, through the central regions of Hue and Hoi An, and finally down to the swelteringly hot Saigon where we experienced probably the most scary looking food I've encountered!

I dont want to write an enormous post about our holiday, but will instead share a few photos of the food we enjoyed whilst away.  

Bun Cha: