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Brisbane Devoured: Taro's Ramen Cafe

July 27, 2011

Taro's Ramen Cafe

Taro's Ramen Café on Urbanspoon

We’ve had a couple of failed attempts to try and eat at Taro’s, but I have been dying to sample the ramen here for AGES. Now I have to say we are by no means ramen fanatics as some people are... chasing the ideal ramen, but we are definitely fans. Unfortunately, our experiences are limited to that of Ajisen Ramen on George St in the city, which is sort of the McDonalds equivalent of the ramen world, so I have heard. 

What we were impressed about with Taros is that ingredients seem to be topnotch and sourced locally, for example, use of Bangalow pork, and eggs from a farm on the Darling Downs. The noodles are all hand made. 

There are other items on the menu, such as Japanese curry, and also Shoyu ramen; a broth made of chicken, seafood and vegetables but what we were here for was the Tonkatsu ramen, the soup being rich and cooked for 2 days with Bangalow sweet pork. 

I had sussed out reports on Urbanspoon and realised that each bowl of soup only came with one piece of char siu (thinly sliced pork), so we both ordered extra, another $1.80 on top of the ramen price.
I ordered the plain Tonkatsu ramen for $14.80, whilst L ordered Fire Tonkatsu ramen ($15.80), obviously being the spicier choice with chilli oil and homemade chilli sauce.

 Both bowls came out with shallots, a soft boiled egg, sesame, charsiu (sliced pork) and a small side serving of pickled ginger and Takana (pickled mustard leaves). 

The soup base was simply delightful. It was thick, creamy and rich. The charsiu slice was quite porky in flavour however was also delicious. I was pleased we had ordered an extra serving of pork, I think only having 1 piece in a serving is not enough! The plentiful noodles were slightly al dente and so fresh.  The bowl size was just right, filling me right up, and the serving size was just right for L as well. 

I sampled some of the chilli sauce atop his Fire ramen, and it was so sweet not too spicy at all but full of flavour. 

There was obviously such care taken in making the soup and such excellent ingredients. We both decided we would take this over Ajisen any day of the week, and will definitely return for more! Delicious! 



  1. well ever since buying a car, we havent ventured to the city from where we stay during the weekends, this could be a good reason to trot down the hill for!

  2. ohh this does look good, but I agree that one slice of pork isn't enough.

  3. For more Ramen adventure, Hakataya Noodle at Sunnybank Plaza (my top favourite Ramen place, Taro's is 2nd). Nuf' said.

  4. Riini, I want to eat at Hakataya but everytime I go past its packed out and there are no seats which puts me off. I am sure I will get there one day.