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Brisbane Devoured: Little Greek Taverna

March 03, 2011

Little Greek Taverna

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Last week we were lucky enough to be able to go and see the awesome musical Wicked at QPAC. If anyone is able to go and grab the last remaining tickets to it, DO IT!!! It was hilarious, colourful and all-round brilliantly entertaining. 

Anyway, enough about that and onto our dinner! We wanted to eat somewhere fast, and so went down into West End to eat at the Little Greek Taverna. We have eaten lunch there before and I had some pretty awesome lamb shanks on that occasion. Luckily they were able to squeeze us in... We got there at 6pm and they asked if we could leave by 7pm, fine by us. All of the tables in the place had reserved signs on them, so if you want to eat there, its definitely best to book rather than wing it like we did. 

Little Greek Taverna has a daily specials board which I think most people order from. Not everything on their menu is available every day. This time, everything from the pork section was available, but alas, not my lovely lamb shanks. There was however a Lamb Yiros (lamb served off the spit) and greek salad available ($13.50) which I ordered, leaving L to order the Chargrilled octopus with salad for $15.00.
To start we also ordered a serving of warmed pita bread ($3.00) with roasted eggplant dip ($4.00).
All of the food came out quickly, which was great. The eggplant dip was amazingly delicious, I could have just had 3 servings of that as my meal, so garlicky and yummy. One serving of pita bread was sufficient for the one dip that we ordered.

My lamb meal was really nice as well, the meat was a bit greasy but was full of flavour and juicy, and the serving of salad was generous with large chunks of tomato and cucumber and a big fat slice of feta. 

L savoured every bit of his chargrilled octopus, which I actually sampled (this is quite scary as I am not a lover of weird things from the sea, and anything with tentacles I would normally hide under the table from). 

The waitress did well, having us seated, our order taken, water poured, meals served and plates cleared in half an hour. This left us with enough time to go and have a beer at Archive Beer Boutique before heading off to see the show!
Little Greek Taverna serves a great range of good quality greek food at really cheap prices, which I think is why it is so popular. 



  1. hmm octopus is delicious! my theory is you can always spit it out if you don't like it so good on you for trying. Also went to Wicked and it was quite fabulous, I do wish I was seated a little closer though.

  2. yes we were up on the first balcony and I would definitely not like to have been any further away!