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Brisbane Devoured: Tuckeria

August 17, 2011


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Although we had decided we were going to get around to try all the different Mexican joints in the Valley (and also other areas... there are now two different places at Southbank for example)... we haven't exactly been quick to get there.
We finally decided on Tuckeria for a lunch visit on a weekday a couple of weeks ago.

Tuckeria has a fastfood outlet appearance, with food available to takeaway or to eat in the courtyard outside. 
We both decided to order burritos. I ordered a steak burrito which comes with mexican rice, a choice of pinto or black beans and tomato salsa (I got medium, but also available mild or hot). Coriander and onion are free of charge to add as extras. Other extras are available at a small cost and include cheese, jalapenos, guacamole, corn and lettuce amongst others. I elected for black beans instead of pinto beans and cheese as an extra. 

L had a burrito mojado, which was a regular burrito topped with melted cheese and two spicy salsas; ranchera and tomatillo, and was $3 extra than a regular burrito. He elected to have a chorizo filling.

L's burrito came out all nicely presented on a plate with cheese melted all over the top and a knife and fork, however mine came out on a plate wrapped in foil....and no cutlery... errrr. I thought it would have been nice if mine also came out on a plate, especially as we clearly stated we were eating in.

The burritos were definitely full of fresh ingredients and were very delicious. Ls chorizo was spicy and the tomatillo salsa was a definite winner, in fact I REALLLLLLY regretted not ordering it as an extra on my burrito. My burrito was good, except the steak was slightly dry. I think the tomatillo would have also added a lot of extra flavour, which I felt the rice and beans lacked, although it was all very fresh.

I felt the menu to order was a little confusing, as I wasn't sure what was included and what I had to order as extra with my burrito and thus it took a little while to make the order.

Oh and a special mention to our beverage, which was a mandarin flavoured Jarritos (a Mexican soft drink), it was super sweet and very mandarin! Definitely get one of these if you are there.



  1. Dear C,

    Nice work on the blog! We are always pleased when people take the time to review our restaurant, as we love feedback from our customers. We will look to incorporate your feedback into improving our restaurant, particularly in relation to improving the understanding of our Menu.

    One important point in of a Burrito Mojado vs Regular Burrito. Burrito Mojados are most def meant to be eaten with a knife and fork, however a Regular Burrito (the foil-wrapped one) is ABSOLUTELY meant to be eaten with your hands! We intentionally don't give you a knife and fork with a Regular Burrito - they are better eaten without cutlery.

    Burritos are street food, and I think the experience of eating a burrito with a knife and fork actually lessens the burrito experience. So next time, just eat the burrito as it is meant to be eaten, bite by bite, unwrapping the foil as you go. You will love it.

    We are exceptionally passionate about this particular point at Tuckeria, so we made a YouTube video to educate people about it:
    Here's the link:


    Jordan W Birchall
    Founder & Director
    Tuckeria Fresh Mexican
    t - @tuckeria
    e -

  2. Thanks Jordan
    I don't mind eating a burrito at all with my hands... Just wanted some consistency with both of our burritos I guess...