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Brisbane Devoured: September 2011

September 25, 2011


Portofino on Urbanspoon

Continuing on our Italian theme... we seem to have really eaten a lot of Italian lately... after trying to get a late-notice table at a few other places, we booked a Saturday night dinner at Portofino at New Farm a couple of weekends ago. We've eaten there quite a few times, but haven't been in absolutely ages, so were surprised to find upon rocking up for our booking that the decor had changed, and so had apparently the ownership. We were somewhat dubious, however were willing to see how it compared.

The main highlight of Portofino, which otherwise used to be known as Cafe Portofino, is the large cannot-miss-it display cabinet full of Italian desserts and sweets. So many diners seem to come here just for dessert after eating at other restaurants, which was quite evident on the night.

Dinner menu items otherwise include a variety of pastas, pizzas and Italian mains, all very reasonably priced.

We started with a good old basic bruschetta for $10. Serving size was quite large, there were 3 pieces of crusty bread with a pile of tomato atop. I thought the bread was a bit too crusty and overdone and thought the whole thing was a bit too run-of-the-mill, however L disagreed with me and really liked it.

September 20, 2011

The Red Hen

The Red Hen on Urbanspoon

One Sunday evening I met L after work in West End, and we ventured down to check out the stretch of restaurants located on Hardgrave Road. Amongst these are quite a few Vietnamese places, including Trang which we really want to eat at, the Tibetan Kitchen and the Red Hen which we settled on. 
Even though it was very early, it was oddly empty, there was one other table that was eating when we got there, however they left soon after, leaving us as the restaurants sole patrons! This made me a bit nervous about the food to come, however we were very surprised to be on the recieving end of some extremely delicious good Italian food. Apologies for the darkness of the photos to follow, the restaurant is not well lit.

To start we shared bruschetta done two ways ($10); L had a piece with mushrooms and provolone whilst my piece of bread was covered in crushed chickpeas, tomato, red onion and basil. They were simple flavours and whilst I found mine a little plain, L really liked his which was very cheesy and generous with the mushrooms. 

September 16, 2011

In A Pickle

In a Pickle on Urbanspoon

In A Pickle is certainly the definition of a suburban cafe. Its tucked away in a backstreet of Camp Hill, alongside a few other cafes and restaurants most notably Restaurant Rapide and Mons Sabai Thai. We were only aware of it from reading a review on another blog, and so popped in for brunch whilst in the area.

There is only seating outdoors on the footpath, not usually a problem except for this occasions construction happening across the street. There are some very interesting goods available indoors such as different cordials, conserves and sweets available to buy and take home. There is also a large fridge full of ready to prepare meals for those who need a quick dinner.

We ordered breakfast along with an iced chocolate for myself and a latte for L. Coffee was of a Segafredo blend and reasonably made. My iced chocolate was presented old-school style in a metal cup, icy cold. 

September 12, 2011

Willow and Spoon

Willow and Spoon on Urbanspoon

L and I had to head over to "the northside" (cue dramatic music.... we are southsiders yo), for an early Saturday morning meeting for our wedding cake. 
I frantically did some googling before we left for somewhere to have breakfast at afterwards and found Willow and Spoon. 

It was unfortunately rainy and cold and the only spare tables were out the front however it wasn't that unpleasant. The furnishings are a bit vintage chic, something you'd make yourself or buy at vinnies and I found this a bit cute. 

The breakfast menu is definitely interesting and even L who is normally bored by breakfast offerings had his ears perked up... although the food is on the expensive side, not that this bothered us, but it might bother some.

September 09, 2011

Little Green Cafe

Little Green Café on Urbanspoon

 Little Green Cafe is a shining star in an area that is definitely lacking in inspirational cafes to visit. We have eaten here several times now, and each time been impressed with their service, food prices and most importantly, L is very happy with the coffee they serve up. (All of these things being the complete opposite of the boring Coffee Club located next door - seriously why do people think they are any good?)

On this occasion we ordered from the breakfast menu, which is available all day. Lunch options include burgers, BLTs and a range of turkish bread sandwiches from their display window. 

L's french toast ($13?) was served with creme anglaise (fancy word for custard) and a lightly poached pear. The serving size was decent and the combination of all was very creamy and filling. 

September 04, 2011


Nagomi Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Brought to you by the owners of Sono Restaurants at Portside and in the City, Nagomi has been open at the Eagle St Pier for quite a while and clearly caters to city workers for a quick and cheap lunch option. 
We visited Nagomi after the usual lunch rush, so at about 1.30pm on a weekday and found ourselves in an almost empty place. I've walked past before at about 12pm though and found the place completely full. 
Nagomi offers sushi, Bento boxes, Donburi and salads which are easily either eaten in or takeaway. 

L and I ordered Bento boxes, which start at $12.90. They come with rice, pickled vegetables, gyoza, cream croquettes, salad, and edamame. They are available in Chicken teriyaki, Chicken karaage, Pork or Chicken katsu, or Teriyaki hamburger patty. There are a couple of 'upgrades' available, $1 extra to have japanese curry sauce or teriyaki sauce on your rice, or $2 extra to have sushi rolls or fried rice instead of plain rice. I went for the base bento box with pork katsu, and L had chicken karaage with an upgrade from rice to sushi rolls.