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Brisbane Devoured: Campos

November 19, 2011


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Another Monday off, another Monday of L and I pondering on where to go out for brunch/lunch. This time, we decided to drive into the Valley in order to finally visit Campos coffee. I have had to drool over all their tweet updates on their everchanging menu for a while, and have been wanting to visit. Campos coffee is originally from Sydney, and started out 9 years ago, now expanding to Melbourne and obviously Brisbane. Their coffee beans are not only used in Campos cafes, many other cafes choose to use their beans. Campos in Fortitude Valley also has a cupping room and retail store.

We easily found a park on an unfortunately just tarred road nearby (picture me tiptoeing across the road because I didn't want to get tar on my new shoes). Finding Campos is a bit difficult as its not so obvious from the street front. Yes, it is actually down that unassuming laneway with the garbage bins out front, and this is unfortunately a little offputting.

Being a hot day we elected to sit at one of the outdoor tables, which have stools made from milkcrates. L ordered a latte, and I ordered an iced chocolate. Ls latte was very good with a beautiful rosetta on top, and couldn't be faulted. It is well known the baristas here are great. My iced chocolate looked fabulous, however (I can't believe I am writing this) was maybe a little too heavy on the chocolate. 

L's crispy duck salad with fried wontons was light and filling at the same time. The duck was super crispy whilst still being succulent, and was topped off with a hoisin dressing. Wontons were just the skin, without a filling, however added a great texture to the salad. 

I ordered a breakfast item; savoury mince with haloumi and fried eggs. I was already reasonably full from my iced chocolate, and so couldn't make it through the very generously sized meal. The savoury mince was flavoursome, although it contained my number one dreaded food item, mushrooms, with no warning. Once they were picked out though I was on my way. The bread was beautifully dense and thickly cut. There was a basil oil/sauce drizzled around the plate, that on first glance looked quite unappetising, but added even more flavour.

Campos have a regularly changing menu, so if you go, don't expect to get the same dishes that we had, however you can be assured of a good meal. Campos is an excellent place to stop for lunch or grab a great coffee. You could also attend one of their cupping sessions and learn a thing or two about coffee.



  1. Good old fashioned mince sounds great and the serve looks huge. For the shortest while you used to be able to enter Campos from the James Street markets then in a very mean spirited act, James St put up the wooden fence to stop people passing through to Campos. Were worried they were 'losing business' rather than thinking maybe that people may have a coffee and the 'give business' by coming to the shops.

  2. Good one- like the look of the salad - delicious.

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