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Brisbane Devoured: Little Green Cafe

September 09, 2011

Little Green Cafe

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 Little Green Cafe is a shining star in an area that is definitely lacking in inspirational cafes to visit. We have eaten here several times now, and each time been impressed with their service, food prices and most importantly, L is very happy with the coffee they serve up. (All of these things being the complete opposite of the boring Coffee Club located next door - seriously why do people think they are any good?)

On this occasion we ordered from the breakfast menu, which is available all day. Lunch options include burgers, BLTs and a range of turkish bread sandwiches from their display window. 

L's french toast ($13?) was served with creme anglaise (fancy word for custard) and a lightly poached pear. The serving size was decent and the combination of all was very creamy and filling. 

I had the Little Green Breakfast ($10), which was poached eggs, fetta and avocado on toast, with a balsamic drizzle. The breakfast was pretty basic but eggs were done wonderfully, and they were generous with the fetta. Presentation wise though, I would always prefer avocado slices rather than smooshed avocado.

L's latte was made from Piazza d'oro beans and was very well made. I loved that there was a range of loose leaf teas on offer and so had an Earl Grey.

On another visit with my Dad, he had the BLT which was a generous size and very cheap at $7.50 whilst L ordered a massive chicken burger and chips for only $13.

Being only down the road for us in the Coles complex on Logan Road at Mount Gravatt, we are definitely returning. 


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