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Brisbane Devoured: Willow and Spoon

September 12, 2011

Willow and Spoon

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L and I had to head over to "the northside" (cue dramatic music.... we are southsiders yo), for an early Saturday morning meeting for our wedding cake. 
I frantically did some googling before we left for somewhere to have breakfast at afterwards and found Willow and Spoon. 

It was unfortunately rainy and cold and the only spare tables were out the front however it wasn't that unpleasant. The furnishings are a bit vintage chic, something you'd make yourself or buy at vinnies and I found this a bit cute. 

The breakfast menu is definitely interesting and even L who is normally bored by breakfast offerings had his ears perked up... although the food is on the expensive side, not that this bothered us, but it might bother some.

They had loose leaf teas of which I ordered an English Breakfast and L had his usual latte. Both beverages came out with little souvenir collectors spoons to stir with, mine was from some obscure country Qld town whereas L had one from San Francisco, darn him for getting the more exciting one! L's latte from Blue Sky beans wasn't quite hot enough and wasn't brought out fresh unfortunately. Whilst L has had great Blue Sky coffee in the past, this wasn't the best although definitely still drinkable.

I had "The Willow" breakfast, which was bacon and eggs, with toast and tomato with braised lentils. The lentils were fabulously delicous and full of flavour. My only complaint was another slice of bread to mop things up would have made the meal perfect. 

L's "Stateside" breakfast was pulled pork, homemade beans and a fried egg atop a pumpkin puree. The pork and beans were smokey and the puree was smooth. The fried egg was perfectly done with no dreaded "mucus" on top. Again, another slice of bread would have been lovely.

Our experience at Willow and Spoon was smooth and comfortable. If it wasn't for the weather we would have been tempted to sit there all day and have lunch as well. Unfortunately its so far away from where we live, I doubt we will have the opportunity to visit again soon!


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