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Brisbane Devoured: Nagomi

September 04, 2011


Nagomi Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Brought to you by the owners of Sono Restaurants at Portside and in the City, Nagomi has been open at the Eagle St Pier for quite a while and clearly caters to city workers for a quick and cheap lunch option. 
We visited Nagomi after the usual lunch rush, so at about 1.30pm on a weekday and found ourselves in an almost empty place. I've walked past before at about 12pm though and found the place completely full. 
Nagomi offers sushi, Bento boxes, Donburi and salads which are easily either eaten in or takeaway. 

L and I ordered Bento boxes, which start at $12.90. They come with rice, pickled vegetables, gyoza, cream croquettes, salad, and edamame. They are available in Chicken teriyaki, Chicken karaage, Pork or Chicken katsu, or Teriyaki hamburger patty. There are a couple of 'upgrades' available, $1 extra to have japanese curry sauce or teriyaki sauce on your rice, or $2 extra to have sushi rolls or fried rice instead of plain rice. I went for the base bento box with pork katsu, and L had chicken karaage with an upgrade from rice to sushi rolls. 

pork katsu bento

Chicken karaage pieces were succulent and not too oily. The sushi rolls weren't as fresh as they could have been, and we put this down to eating later in the day. L also wasn't able to choose which sushi rolls were included. My pork katsu pieces were slightly dry and came with prepackaged barbeque sauce which was nice but annoying to squeeze out. I liked the potato salad, which had accompanying tomato and mandarin slices, but the lettuce leaves were a bit wilted. Cream croquettes were a bit sickly, but gyoza dumplings were delicious, pan fried and fabulous. 

chicken karaage bento with sushi rolls

The setting for lunch was lovely and breezy on the river, and our food came out extremely fast, so if you were pressed for time on your lunch break, this is a great place to eat. It was an easy and relatively cheap lunch, and I am sure we will try it again in future.


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