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Brisbane Devoured: Oishii Sushi Bar

February 13, 2011

Oishii Sushi Bar

Oishii Sushi Bar on Urbanspoon

L and I have been to Oishii Sushi Bar at Sunnybank twice now in the last few weeks for lunch. Oishii specialises in “Contemporary style sushi” according to their menu.
Both times we have been there, it’s been reasonably crowded, so it’s obviously a local favourite, and it’s also highly rated on Urbanspoon. There is a large outdoor seating area as well as indoor seating. Soft drinks, teas and Japanese beverages are available on a “help yourself” basis from the fridge indoors. 

On the menu is a range of appetizers, such as yakitori, edamame, karaage and takoyaki as well as various assortments of tempura vegetables and seafood, and then a large range of sushi and sashimi. Further along the menu, are an assortment of “Oishii fusion” sushi, and then a range of hot rice and noodle dishes.  

The first time we went, we sampled from the Oishii fusion area of the menu as well as ordering some rice dishes. I ordered the Torikatsu don ($11.00) which is crumbed chicken on rice topped with egg, and L ordered Unatama don, barbequed eel cooked in sweet egg sauce ($15.50). 

Both of these dishes were so-so, fairly standard but nothing special. We had actually completely ordered too much food so we didn’t really make it all the way through them anyway. We decided that Oishii’s specialty is definitely their sushi and sashimi, so it’s wise to just order from this section, as the rest isn’t anything amazing. 

The sushi that we ordered on both occasions is as follows; 

Dynamite Roll: choice of tuna or salmon with cucumber and with Oishii’s spicy “Dynamite sauce” $11.00 for 8 pieces. L loved this, the sauce being a sort of wasabi mayonnaise with some chilli involved. L didn’t find it very spicy at all however he is immune to chilli. 

Red Dragon: avocado rolls topped with fillets of fresh salmon, with black sesame seeds and mayonnaise. $11.00 for 6 pieces. This was my personal favourite. The salmon was fresh and I can never go past the combo of salmon and avocado. 

Spicy Beef: battered beef roll with cucumber, covered in sesame seeds and chilli seasoning. $10.50 for 8 pieces. This wasn’t as nice as it sounded, the beef was minced and then battered in a roll and a bit flavourless without the seasoning on top. The chilli seasoning was too spicy for me to eat. It also came out with the big no-no for me and L; sweet chilli sauce.... ewwwww!

Himawari: deep fried chicken with avocado paste, seasoned egg rice seasoning and sesame seeds. $10.50 for 8 pieces. This was really tasty, with omelette wrapping the sushi instead of the usual seaweed. The egg rice seasoning was both strange and tasty. 

We also ordered Tori karaage ($7.50). The pieces of fried chicken were a big serving for the price (whenever I order this elsewhere, I always get a smaller serving size with smaller chicken pieces), and it came out with tonkatsu sauce/mayonnaise which was a nice combination. The dish was really filling, which left only a little room in my stomach for the sushi but I couldn’t stop eating it. 

The sushi sounds like its expensive, however you do actually get a pretty big serving, the pieces of sushi are definitely larger than bite size and one plate could easily do me for lunch (we definitely overordered both times we came here). I personally think the food is good value for money, as you get some very interesting choices of sushi and its much more exciting than what you would find at your local sushi train. 



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  3. C, drive down a bit to Sakura Sushi (Shop 8, 957 Beenleigh Rd, Runcorn). I like there better than Oishii. I personally don't understand what the fuss is all about with Oishii.