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Brisbane Devoured: Sydney - Charlie & Co Burgers

August 10, 2011

Sydney - Charlie & Co Burgers

Charlie & Co Burgers on Urbanspoon
Well I went down to Sydney last weekend to visit a friend, unfortunately L didn’t come with me, and the weekend didn’t end up involving as much food as I would normally like (and if L had have come with me, we would have probably eaten out 8 times a day).
One of the places I did visit was the food court at the top of the new Westfield on Pitt St mall in Sydney city. This food court is absolutely amazeballs in my opinion, and I would love to either a) live in the foodcourt or b) for something like this to appear in Brisbane. Neither option is likely to happen soon though.

Justin North, chef of Becasse, who I remember appearing on Masterchef a few times, has a burger place in the foodcourt called Charlie and Co. You have the option of paying a couple of dollars more for eating in, with table service, or the cheaper option of takeaway, and sitting almost in the restaurant anyway, however having to go collect your food when the buzzer goes off. It’s not really worth paying extra for table service in my opinion, as you still get a plate and proper cutlery, and it’s really almost the same. 

The menu has a variety of interesting sounding options, including a chorizo and beef pattie burger, a crab cake burger, a gourmet hotdog, and parmesan and truffle oil fries. I opted for the Wagyu and Co burger; a wagyu beef pattie with beetroot relish, aioli, aged cheddar and pickled gherkins ($16 takeaway), whilst my friend S went for the Federation Burger; an Angus beef pattie with tomato, lettuce, tomato relish, fried egg, bacon, onion and aioli ($14 takeaway).

We didn’t have to wait long thankfully as I was famished being surrounded by all the awesome food options in the food court, others being dumplings from Din Tai Fung and an amazing looking Reuben sandwich from Reuben and Moore. 

My Wagyu and Co burger was definitely one of the best options on the menu; the beef was amazingly succulent and fell apart in my mouth. The bun was soft and sweet and is apparently straight from the Becasse bakery also situated in the food court. Beetroot relish was a fantastic edition for some extra kapow flavour, and aioli was thick and creamy. My friend was also impressed with her Federation burger, however we both knew that I had the better deal. 

wagyu and co burger
Federation burger

Once I got home and investigated on Urbanspoon, it was much to my surprise that this place was only rated at 48%. Are you serious Sydney? One commenter even said that Grill’d was better. You have got to be kidding it’s like comparing diamonds to cubic zirconia! (okay not quite). The only problem that I could find was the cost... $16 for a burger is definitely expensive... however only a few dollars more than Grill'd, so I think its well worth it.