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Brisbane Devoured: Siam Samrarn

December 05, 2010

Siam Samrarn

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Siam Samrarn is our “go-to” for Thai food in Brisbane. We went on a huge holiday to Thailand earlier this year and when we returned we were on a hunt for authentic Thai food. A few of the Thai places i’ve visited in Brisbane just haven’t been up to scratch unfortunately. 

When in Thailand, L was in his element, being a chilli freak, he was on the hunt for the spiciest food he could find (I think he even ended up munching on some fresh birds eye chillies just to freak out our fellow tour go-ers). I stuck to trying to find the least spicy foods although I am proud to say I built up more of a tolerance to chilli than I previously had. The most eaten foods for myself were the good ol’ Pad Thai, Mussaman Curry, Tom Kha gai (coconut soup) and stirfried chicken with cashew nuts. Aaaaaaaah, good food times.

Anyway, back to Siam Samrarn. Its located attached to the Coles shopping centre in West End and is ALWAYS packed out. We’ve eaten there too many times to count, but L always orders the same damn dish!!
There is an indoor area with booth type seating for larger groups, but the most part of the restaurant is a large outdoor undercover area, within which we requested a table this past Saturday night. 

For entree, we ordered the deep fried tofu with tamarind sauce ($6.50), and a small bowl of Tom Yum Goong vegetable soup for $5.50. (L wanted the seafood one, but as we were sharing, and I don’t like seafood that much, it was vegie for us).

The tofu is something we regularly order and its always delicious and light. The tamarind sauce is really sweet and it blends in really nicely with the smoothness of the tofu. The soup is always tasty with the right amount of sour, and although its supposed to be a really spicy soup, its hotness is fairly mild and tolerable. 

For mains, L ordered his staple of Choo Chee oven baked barramundi ($19.90). It is certainly an impressive looking dish, a whole fish comes outs in a large dish atop candles to keep it warm (see photo). L loves it!

I ordered a Beef Mussaman curry on this occasion ($14.90). When the dish came out I felt a bit underwhelmed by its presentation, it looked a bit like brown slop. The taste though, was sweet and full of flavour, although the Mussaman curries I had in Thailand were definitely spicy, this one had no spiciness to it at all. Thats not to say it wasn’t delicious though. The beef was brisket, so be prepared for some fatty bits but the meat is so succulent and melts in your mouth. I’ve previously ordered the yellow curry here and assorted stirfried dishes and they have all been great. 

Cute rice container

Siam Samrarn has an extensive menu, and offers authentic and delicious Thai cuisine, which shows in how popular it is with its patrons. In fact its so good, I am always reluctant to try any other Thai restaurant!


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