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Brisbane Devoured: Beastie Burgers

December 10, 2011

Beastie Burgers

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Of the seemingly endless supply of gourmet burger places that are around Brisbane, Beastie Burgers was one that we were yet to try. We weren't really aching to try it out, as we're usually just happy with a simple Grill'd burger. We found ourselves wandering around Southbank at lunchtime, so decided to actually look at their menu.

Beastie Burgers certainly has one of the best burger menus that we've seen with interesting choices and ingredients, such as gruyere cheese, sweet potato and haloumi. They also do salads, which seemed a popular choice with other diners that day, and looked really huge and delicious. Sides include handcut chips and onion rings. They are licenced and have a reasonable beer list. They also do milkshakes in an old-school style metal cup with fabulous flavours; lindt chocolate, vanilla bean and tiramisu are some of these.

We ordered some handcut chips with aioli to start with, and we found they were so amazing that we had polished them off before our burgers even arrived. The chips had more of a wedge appearance, and were so crispy and crunchy. They had been cooked with balsamic, which gave them an awesome flavour. The aioli was decently garlicky and so more-ish. We contemplated ordering another batch, however decided that was overkill. The only thing was, they came out in this tiny bowl that was packed full and it was a bit like playing pick-up-sticks with chips, take one and they all fell over. Why not use a larger bowl?

My Frenchy burger had a beef pattie, with creamed Roquefort cheese, onion jam, lettuce and roasted tomato. I was so happy with my burger. Firstly, the pattie was thick and so juicy, with still a tinge of pink in the centre. The Roquefort cheese added such a nice flavour, however was a bit sickly towards the end. The onion jam was sweet, and the tomato was delicious.

L had the Spice Route burger, beef pattie with roasted sweet potato, haloumi, chilli jam, tomato relish and hommus. L was a bit worried about the addition of three sauces, and I have to agree that it was a bit of overkill. The pattie on his burger was a bit too charred, however still juicy. The sweet potato was an interesting addition that worked well. 

Beastie Burgers serve up fabulous burgers that are really gourmet, so don't overlook this place as we did for so long. We'd certainly go back to try out some of their other burgers, and the handcut chips were to die for. 


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