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Brisbane Devoured: FaB Fish and Burger Grill

March 13, 2011

FaB Fish and Burger Grill

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L and I are getting closer to actually planning our wedding, so Sunday was spent driving around to a couple of appointments to view different venues.
Around lunchtime, we drove past the Barracks and decided we would find somewhere within to eat. We’d previously eaten at the Chelsea Bistro here, which we enjoyed, however were looking for somewhere different. Parking at the Barracks is free for the first 2 hours which was great, however we discovered it was a bit busier due to the fact there was a Brisbane Roar game down at Suncorp Stadium, so it was a bit difficult to park.

We strolled past FaB Burgers and immediately decided we would eat there. Previous burger experiences have only been at different Grill’d restaurants around Brisbane, so we were keen to try something different. We sat ourselves down in the cute tiled seating area which is outside. 

L ordered a pot of James Squire Golden Ale and I ordered a coke to drink (FaB is a licensed venue). 

For our burgers, I ordered the “Mary” which was a herbed lamb patty with lettuce, tomato, haloumi, capsicum relish and aioli. 

L ordered the “Afterburner”, which was a chilli beef patty with lettuce, tomato, sour cream, aioli and relish.
They also have a range of fish and seafood options on the menu. 

On the negative side, I felt the size of my lamb patty was heaps smaller than the size of the burger bun. The bun was also very soft and fell apart easily. I was also a tiny teeny bit disappointed with the size of the haloumi on my burger... two measly little slices (although my photo captured the most of the haloumi, it wasn't actually that much). On the plus side, both burgers were really tasty and delicious and I particularly liked the capsicum relish on mine. We didn’t try the chips, looking at other tables orders, they looked more on the thin French fry style. 

If we are in the area, I would definitely stop in for another visit, I particularly want to try the Pulled Pork burger, which I am regretting not getting in the first place, a unique and interesting choice. I wouldn’t however, drive all the way across town just to go there, having a Grill’d just up the road from our house. 


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