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Brisbane Devoured: Pho Halong

November 22, 2010

Pho Halong

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L and I are leaving in 6 weeks for a much anticipated holiday to Vietnam. Earlier this year we visited Thailand and so Vietnam seemed to be the next obvious place to go. Neither of us have travelled overseas extensively at all, so we are really looking forward to it. Mostly, the food! I’m obsessing over researching where to eat and what to eat. 

We have recently started visiting Pho Halong, a small restaurant on Logan Road at Mount Gravatt, very close-by to where we live. We have eaten at a couple of other Vietnamese places in Brisbane but nothing so far is as good as Pho Halong. 

We will usually head there on a weeknight when we’re running low on grocery items for dinner. Its so convenient for us and so cheap to eat there that its very easy to avoid cooking and head on down!

Their menu is not large, but consists of the usual suspects; Pho of all sorts, spicy noodle soup (Hue style), rice paper rolls, Vietnamese vermicelli salads, crispy chicken, lemongrass chicken and grilled pork dishes. I’ve not yet been able to go past the pho here, so haven’t tried anything else on the menu, although I keep meaning to!

On this occasion, L ordered the spicy beef and pork noodle soup ($11.50), whilst I ordered a large bowl of rare beef pho ($10.20). Drinks were a coconut juice for L and a Vietnamese lemon soda for me.
The pho here has an awesome soup base, its just so tasty and thick and delicious compared to other watered down versions i’ve had elsewhere. You get the usual sides of thai basil, bean sprouts and lemon to add to your soup as you desire. We usually also ask for a fresh chilli chopped up to add a few chunks for a bit of spiciness, however as L ordered the spicy soup anyway we didn’t on this occasion. 

Rare beef pho

L liked his spicy soup, saying the hotness was subtle (although he is quite immune to chilli on occasion so a normal person might find it really spicy), and the soup base was still quite flavoursome. His soup came with different types of beef and pork sausage slices. 

Spicy beef and pork noodle soup

I love the lemon drink that I usually order there, its so tasty and refreshing. 

left; coconut juice, and right; lemon soda

Overall, we love Pho Halong. The family who runs it are lovely and the restaurant is new and clean. Their ingredients are always fresh and delicious, and the pho is AWESOME!



  1. YUM! I love Pho Halong, my family eat there regularly. So cheap and we can take our 18 month daughter along without any dramas. :)

  2. I love it too! so fresh and awesome.