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Brisbane Devoured: Breakfast Creek Hotel

February 17, 2011

Breakfast Creek Hotel

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On a lovely Sunday evening, we headed to the Brekky Creek Hotel for what else but for a nice fat steak. The Breakfast Creek Hotel is reknowned for their impressive steak menu and we’ve been there with family a couple of times. You can either eat in the Spanish Garden Steakhouse which has table service, or you can eat in the Beergarden where you order from a counter and receive a buzzer to go and pick up your meal.

The problem we’ve found is if you book a table in the Beergarden, there is absolutely no one there to take you to your reserved table at all, and you have to try and flag someone down for them to point you in the right direction. Of course, this is something which you wouldn’t experience in the Spanish Steakhouse.

We find that the steaks aren’t exactly cheap, but they tend to be cooked well and there is always a great pub atmosphere which is why we like going back to the Brekky Creek.

Steaks are available with either a baked potato with bacon or chips and garden salad or coleslaw. You also get a dinner roll with your meal and a choice of pepper, chilli or mushroom sauce. There are many steaks to choose from and they range in price from the petite eye fillet at $29.90 to the wagyu striploin at $39.90. There are other offerings on the menu such as bangers and mash, barramundi, pork ribs and a vegetable tortilla stack.

On this occasion L ordered an eye fillet with chilli sauce for $38.50, whilst I ordered a petite eye fillet with pepper sauce for $29.90.

Petite Eye Fillet with Baked Potato and Garden Salad
Eye Fillet with Chips and Garden Salad

The steaks were cooked well according to how we wanted them. My pepper sauce looked really horrible just coating the whole plate though and I wish it had been served separately. The baked potato topped with bacon bits was really yummy. The garden salad was a bit sad though. Accompanying bread rolls were fresh.

The Breakfast Creek Hotel is a favourite with a lot of Brisbanites and the go-to place for an awesome pub steak. Prices aren’t cheap though and whilst of course you can find cheaper steaks at other pubs, I don’t think they would be as good!



  1. yups i agree, not that cheap ,but not too bad

  2. wow - there looks like so much sauce! I like getting lots of sauce, one of my pet hates is getting a little side pot which isn't big enough to do the job! Doesn't look like this is the case here.

  3. I definitely also hate not getting enough sauce, but in this case, I wish there was less! It just looked very unappealing...:(