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Brisbane Devoured: Freestyle Tout Emporium

February 11, 2011

Freestyle Tout Emporium

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L and I have consumed so many calories at Freestyle it’s not funny. Usually we visit the Freestyle at West End however seeing as we were out for dinner in the Valley, we decided we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit Freestyle at Emporium.

There was a short line at the door however we were soon seated. There wasn’t a spare table in the restaurant which is testament to how popular Freestyle is. If you want to eat dessert in Brisbane, then this is the place to be.

L ordered his usual Creme Brulee (seriously, he never orders anything else, and I demand to know when it’s my turn to order it!). This was accompanied by fairy floss, mixed berries, raspberry sorbet, vanilla bean icecream and biscotti. The brulee was perfectly set and the fairy floss was an interesting sweet touch. The raspberry sorbet was a bit sour for my liking. 

I ordered the Caramel and Banana Tart with fresh cream, caramel sauce and white chocolate-macadamia icecream. The only disappointing thing was the icecream was half melted when it came out to me... bummer, the perils of ordering icecream in a Brisbane summer. I am a huge fan of caramel tart and this one didn’t disappoint, although pastry was on the thick side. There was a huge amount of rich caramel sauce, most of which I didn’t get through.

All desserts at Freestyle are $15.90, and they offer soy icecreams for those who are lactose intolerant. 

They also have a savoury menu with various pizzas, pastas, salads and burgers, although we still haven’t tried these at all. For us there’s only one reason to visit Freestyle...



  1. You must try the white chocolate and raspberry filled dumplings, with choc sauce. You will never order anything different again.

    Have just started following you blog, and look forward to hearing more great restaurant recs!

  2. Polly,
    I have actually tried the dumplings once before, but I think they are more of a winter dessert than summer! They certainly are delicious.

    Thankyou for following my blog!

  3. Love the look of those desserts, particularly the Caramel banana tart, that is totally my bag.

    Freestyle Tout at West End are still struggling to open, 7 weeks after the floods. Must make an effort to get over there for a meal when they open up again!