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Brisbane Devoured: Passione Gelateria and Dessert Bar

April 15, 2011

Passione Gelateria and Dessert Bar

Passione Gelateria & Dessert Bar on Urbanspoon

We popped into Passione Gelateria after dinner at Teneriffe one weekend evening. 
We perused their menu and admired the various chocolates and cakes in the display cabinet but in the end just decided to go with gelati. 

I got a scoop of Kinder Surprise and a scoop of Strawberries and Cream

L had Milk Chocolate and Stracciatella

The milk chocolate was extremely rich, L was going to go for the Dark chocolate flavour but was glad he didn't.
I thought the gelato was amazingly creamy and was pretty happy with my choices. 

Maybe one day when we are rich and pull up in the street in our Aston Martin, we can get their D'Oro dessert, which will set you back $120, and consists of 12 scoops of gelato, edible gold pieces decorated with pieces of dried fruit and served on a gold plate. 
Seriously, who would pay $120 for a dessert? seems that some people would.... We overheard the manager/owner saying that 2 of these desserts have been sold since its introduction to the menu. Craziness!



  1. wow that looks super yum!

  2. The ice-cream looks super delicious! :)

    The Cat Hag