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Brisbane Devoured: Vue Lounge

July 25, 2011

Vue Lounge

Vue Lounge on Urbanspoon

Knowing how much my sister likes to eat breakfast, when we proposed to take her out for lunch on her birthday I had to find somewhere that served all-day-breakfast. I found out Vue Lounge at New Farm serves breakfast until 2.30pm every day and so we headed there.

Vue Lounge was busy enough even though it was a Monday morning, with plenty of people ordering takeaway coffees. There was a cabinet displaying various cakes and varieties of macarons. It wasn't a particularly stylish cafe on the inside, chairs and tables are a bit wellworn and shabby. Lacking in atmosphere might be a better descriptor.

We quickly looked over the lunch menu and then all decided to order from the breakfast menu. Both menus have a wide variety to choose from and I had a hard time deciding on what to order. 

L ordered a latte (Vue Lounge uses a DiBella blend), which was unfortunately quite bitter. I have started tasting all of the lattes that L orders even though I don’t drink coffee in order to know what he is talking about and compared to the last few I have tasted even I definitely noticed it.

My sister and I both had smoothies, mine being strawberry and hers being espresso. Both smoothies were great, very thick and flavoursome.

Food took a little while to come out... I noticed the guys in the kitchen didn’t seem to be working at a particularly fast pace. 

The first thing I noticed about our meals was that all of our dishes had lovely poached eggs... they were perfectly round. Sometimes you receive the most watery drippy unattractive eggs with breakfast meals.

My dish was the breakfast bruschetta, served on sourdough with 2 poached eggs and haloumi. The tomato wasn’t ripe enough making it not as flavoursome as I would have liked and I would have liked some garlic, it wasn't a bad meal but could have been done a bit better. 

My sister ordered eggs Benedict with ham. The hollandaise was a good one, very creamy and thick and not too buttery. It looked a bit of a small serving though. 

L had chorizo with roast capsicum, caramelised onion, olives, poached eggs, pomegranate molasses and sourdough. The dish was overall quite sweet, but the molasses had a tang to it. It was something different to usual standard breakfast offerings. 

Afterwards we grabbed a few macarons (chocolate, salted caramel and banoffee) to munch on whilst we walked our breakfast off through New Farm Park. The shells were a bit too crispy and lacked that chewiness, and they put HEAPS of filling in the centre, which wasn’t a bad thing with the banoffee but made the chocolate one quite rich. 

I feel we would likely recommend Vue Lounge for a weekday brunch. I think it would become quite busy on weekends, which would make for a reasonable wait on drinks and food. The coffee was pretty average on the day also, but from what I have read on Urbanspoon, previous visitors tended to like it... so maybe its not always that bad.



  1. Hi C,

    Seems unfortunate that you lucked out with the coffees on your visit, cause I have had many from Vue and the boys are usually very good. I am starting to think that Di Bella just has a tendency to become bitter very fast if not made properly as I've had a few disappointing experiences lately - but then I'm just a very bitter sensitive coffee addict :)

  2. Yeah thats L's general opinion of DiBella as well... he is a barista himself so hes fairly critical of how others make coffee haha! I dont really drink coffee myself so I just rely on his opinion...