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Brisbane Devoured: Jude

May 18, 2011


Jude on Urbanspoon

I caught up with my sister for lunch on Monday, as she was her on way to uni... haven’t seen her in about a month as she has been stuck inside-living in her pyjamas-majorly frazzled-studying her bum off. 

She wanted somewhere that served breakfast although it was 11.45am, I told her that wasn’t an option as I don’t think there is anywhere in the city that serves all day breakfast on a weekday. We instead headed to Jude at Eagle St Pier. I went to go there with L once, however it was a weekend and they were closed....

Jude is such a cute place with interesting burgers, “Jude balls” (Moroccan lamb balls, thai chicken balls, risotto balls), salads and fish and chips on the menu. There is also a soup of the day, curry of the day and cassoulet of the day. Ordering is at the counter, you can help yourself to drinks from the fridge, and there is a cutlery/napkin station. The location is nice and breezy being on the river (well tucked around behind the coffee club a bit).

We decided we couldn’t go past the burgers as they sounded great, Little sis went for the pesto chicken burger with chips and I decided to get the Brissy beetroot beef burger. I wasn’t going to get the chips as I was going to just steal a few of my sisters (she didn’t know this however... sneaky), but the guy at the counter convinced me to get them. They did sound good, beer battered and served with homemade aioli. Both burgers were $14.40 with chips.
pesto chicken burger

As soon as we ordered, about a thousand (slight exaggeration) officeworkers appeared out of nowhere and lined up, so it appears to be popular with the city business crowd. I was glad we ordered when we did.

We were given buzzers to grab our food from the counter when it was ready.
The food came out in brown cardboard boxes on cute little wicker/cane basketed placemats.

The burger was amazing!!! It had that homemade taste, the patty was moist, full of vegetables even though it was a beef burger and had beetroot puree on the bottom of the bun. The bun was multigrain and made me feel like I was eating something healthy even though it was a burger. The chips were definitely delicious, although the aioli made me really thirsty after a while. Neither of us could get through all the chips after eating the burgers, so in the end we could have easily shared some chips... oh well. 

beetroot beef burger

Jude is definitely an interesting and cute place to eat with great food, so head straight to it if you are in the city at lunchtime... 



  1. Wow! We have been wanting to eat at Jude's for a long time now. Silly of us, but we went there once on saturday and once on a sunday and they were closed. The beetroot burger still has that meatiness to it? Mr food hunter would love to dig into one of those!

  2. the beef beetroot burger was soooo yummm *drool*

    yeah we went there on a saturday once and they were closed, i was very sad.