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Brisbane Devoured: The Norman Hotel

August 08, 2011

The Norman Hotel

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We've eaten at "Brisbanes Worst Vegetarian Restaurant" the Norman plenty of times, but until recently always thought the Breakfast Creek hotel was better. Lets face it, their menus are fairly identical in terms of types of steak, accompaniments and pricing. Our last visit at the Breakfast Creek hotel didn't particularly excite us however, so when friends suggested we go to the Norman, we were interested to see if it could be better. 

In our opinions it definitely was. The Norman partially burnt down a while back, and the last time we visited, part of the eating areas was set up as a plain tacky marquee. Things have definitely improved atmosphere wise since then, and in fact its a much nicer venue than the Breakfast Creek. 

L and I both ordered the large eye fillet steak ($38.90), which came with garden salad, a breadroll and a potato with bacon filling. L's had chilli sauce and mine, pepper sauce. All in all, pretty identical to our last meal at the Breakfast Creek hotel. 

Our steaks were perfectly done, the garden salad was superfresh and zingy compared to the sad side salads at the Breakfast Creek, and the potato with bacon was tasty. Accompanying sauces were fantastic, the pepper sauce was especially hot and peppery. 

Its still not a cheap pub meal at all, but we think you get a better bang for your buck if you eat your steak at the Norman.



  1. we were planning to take the in laws for a typical pub meal, steak and chips and had this in sight, it looks like it will be worth it!

  2. its a great pub meal, but be careful when its busy, there can be a long lineup to order your food! (no table service)