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Brisbane Devoured: The Tea Centre

January 31, 2011

The Tea Centre

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I am obsessed with tea. No, scratch that, completely in love with tea. To me, tea is so much subtler and more refined than a ‘punch you in the face’ cup of coffee (not a coffee fan at all here). To me, nothing at all beats a good cup of tea. 

I have also converted L from a coffee fan into a tea fan and am rather smug about this, particularly as he loves his coffee and worked as a barista for a long time. At home, we have numerous types of teas, ranging from flavoured black teas to white and green tea blends. 

Most of them have been purchased at The Tea Centre. There are a few different branches of the Tea Centre around the place, with two in the city and one at Robina down on the Gold Coast, however the branch in Albert Lane in the city also serves cakes and food and is a great place for an afternoon cuppa. 

L and I regularly visit the Tea Centre, and usually have their Devonshire Tea for Two which is $14.50 and includes a large pot to share and a scone with jam and cream each.
Their scones are large and soft.

When we visited today, we decided that we’d eaten far too big of a lunch to also consume a heavy scone and decided instead to share a Sticky Date Pudding which is served with cream for $8. In hindsight this was also a heavy dessert but we pretended to ignore that fact. The food is clearly all bought in rather than prepared on site, so some is a bit hit and miss.

 A large pot of tea will set you back $7 but will deliver 4 cups. We ordered the Pai Mu Tan Stockholm blend, described as a white tea with orange blossoms, rose petals, safflowers, calendula blossoms, vanilla and apricot. 

Teas are available for purchase from about $11 for 100g. There is also a large range of lovely teapots and tea accessories for purchase. 


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