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Brisbane Devoured: Little Saigon Grill

October 14, 2011

Little Saigon Grill

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Brisbane city is ridiculously difficult to get around when its raining and you are without an umbrella. We were in the city one weekday trying to locate somewhere to eat for lunch when it started bucketing down. We ducked into a small arcade (Rowes arcade) in Edward street, which connects with Post Office Square, and found Little Saigon Grill. 

Familiar with Vietnamese food after our trip to Vietnam earlier in the year, we were happy with this find. 
The usual suspects are on the menu, including banh mi (meat filled baguettes), pho, rice paper rolls and grilled meat with rice noodle salads. 

My banh mi had a super crunchy exterior to the baguette, but the bread was nice and soft on the inside. Delicious sliced pork with plenty of herbs made for a great lunch. The only fault was having to pick off the chewy rind from the pork. 

L had 4 of the biggest rice paper rolls we've ever seen, including barbeque pork, prawn, satay chicken and lemongrass beef. They were accompanied by a peanut-hoisin sauce and all were fabulous particularly the prawn.

Little Saigon Grill has good value fresh food for a quick lunch in the city, be sure to get there early as they seem to be quite popular, don't miss out on their rice paper rolls!


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  1. Snap! I can't believe we both said they were the biggest rice paper rolls we had seen. You can't deny we've got good taste....