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Brisbane Devoured: Mizu

March 12, 2011


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We’ve had a bad week with bad news about our lovely doggy, so haven’t been going out to eat much, March is going to be a bit sparse on the blogging side of things. I am a veterinarian and have diagnosed our dog Darcy with a severe heart condition, very sad.
We were both in major need of cheering up and so we decided to head out for dinner to Mizu last night. L wanted to go to our usual Japanese, Bishamon at Spring Hill, but I put the foot down saying I needed somewhere new to blog. Mizu is somewhere that we definitely wanted to try, their menu looks exciting and has some interesting choices. 

When we got there, we were seated straight away but then realised there seemed to be only one waiter for the whole place... yes there was another girl bringing food out but she seemed to only be doing a third of the work the main waiter was. As a result we were seated for half an hour before our food orders were even taken. I was definitely not impressed by this.
Luckily, once we had ordered we didn’t have to wait long for our food.

Drinks wise I ordered an Asahi for $7, and L was very excited to order the Sake Tasting set for $12. Mizu is BYO, however I didn’t have the foresight to bring a bottle of wine, and L really wanted Sake anyway. He received Masumi, Yoshinogawa and Asa biraki, which was his favourite. If you want to know what these are, its best to check out their drinks menu on their website. They have an extensive range of sake, and apparently if you buy a bottle and don’t drink it all they will keep it for you for up to 3 months for you to have on return visits.

To start we ordered Gyoza ($12), wagyu tataki with ponzu sauce ($12) and a small serving of salmon and avocado rolls (4 pieces for $8). We were impressed by the tataki beef, it was delicious and tender with a charred barbeque taste, however we wanted more of it! It came out on a massive plate with the small serving of meat in the centre. The sushi was of a good standard, I was disappointed to realise there was cucumber in the centre (although L pointed it out to me on the menu, I had somehow managed to not read that sentence). I’m not a cucumber-in-sushi fan at all. The gyoza were also very tasty and plump with filling. 

Our mains were buri shioyaki for L ($28) which was grilled seasalt flavoured kingfish served with soba noodles, mizuna leaves, carrot and walnut salad and wasabi lime mayonnaise. Flavours were overall lovely and subtle. One of the pieces of fish was a bit dry on one end but the rest was moist. The soba noodles were very light to eat.  

I ordered chicken teriyaki with kipfler potatoes and asian greens ($24). The chicken was a massive serving size... I felt like I was eating most of a bird, as there was a large hunk of breast as well as thigh pieces which were naturally more moist, the breast pieces were slightly dry. The teriyaki sauce was lovely but extremely sweet, I struggled to finish not only because there was a lot of chicken but because of the sweetness of the sauce. There was bok choy or some other type of similar asian green on the plate which really held a lot of the sauce within its leaves. The potatoes were thinly sliced and yummy, I was glad I had them on the plate to cut through a bit of the sweetness. L happily finished off my dish though when I was too full to continue. 

We would love to return to try other main dishes on the menu and especially the bento boxes. I loved how the food was beautifully presented and their plates and bowls were amazing too, I want those in my house! On the negative side, we did have a wait to order but hopefully this was just a one-off.


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