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Brisbane Devoured: Sake Restaurant

May 26, 2011

Sake Restaurant

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Okay so maybe we have been a little late with jumping on the Sake bandwagon, but last week we finally went there. We decided to go in order celebrate our negative-1-year-anniversary. Yes, thats right, we can’t actually remember the date of our anniversary, so seeing as we are getting married in May next year, decided to just start using that. We were actually asked at Sake if we were celebrating any occasion, and when it was awkwardly explained to the waitress, I am 100% sure she thought we were weird. Oh well, onto the review.

We actually were so organised we decided what we were ordering when perusing the menu at home on their website. Drinkswise, L ordered a glass of red (no idea which one, and its not that significant for the purposes of the review), whilst I ordered a cocktail (yes, a cocktail on a school night). The cocktail list is full of delicious creations, all using something Japanese, whether it be sake, umeshu (plum wine) or shoshu (a Japanese spirit). I had the Shimpei San, strawberries smashed with sugar and lemon, shaken with shiso leaves, vodka and shochu. It was fruity and tangy and thoroughly delicious. I had to stop myself from drinking it all in 10 seconds flat. 

For entrees, we shared Sashimi tacos, tonkatsu cups and pork belly skewers with a spicy sauce. The service we experienced was great, each time the waiter brought out a dish all elements were clearly explained to us.

The sashimi tacos were my favourite dish of the evening, having an obvious Mexican theme, it consisted of rice crackers in the shape of a taco, one each filled with tuna and salmon, topped with an onion salsa and accompanied by two sugar rimmed shots of sake. We thought the whole concept was genius.

L’s favourite dish was the tonkatsu cups. Small squares of pork belly were served in lettuce cups with barbeque sauce and  mustard miso. I personally thought they tasted a bit floury, however L really liked them. 

The pork belly skewers were made all the more amazing by the spicy sauce that accompanied them, otherwise they would’ve been a bit boring. L wanted to lick the plate however I didn’t let him. 

After our entrees, we decided to share two mains, assorted tempura and beef teriyaki. The tempura was really well done, the only complaint being that some of the pieces were asparagus, and unfortunately the woody horrible end of the asparagus. Apart from that, there were prawns, fish, sweet potato and avocado. The batter was so light and was the best tempura we’ve had in a long time.

The beef teriyaki was delicious. If and when we do go back, I will definitely order this again. Rare beef was placed onto a very moreish bed of buckwheat, beans and mushrooms. 

After this, we couldn’t resist ordering dessert. L had the green apple mille-feuille, definitely the most interesting dessert on the menu. Fine layers of pastry were joined by green apple mousse and there was a serving of apple vanilla syrup on the side to dip into. 

I had the pannacotta, which was JUST set, and accompanied by raspberry jelly and sauce. It was good and hit the spot, but wasn’t really outstanding.

Sake is a great addition to the Brisbane dining scene. I am sick of reading or hearing about how people believe Brisbane nowhere near compares to Sydney or Melbourne. We are definitely on the way up, I love Brisbane!




  1. i somehow sense the last sentence directed to me but dont worry i dont take offence ;)

    cant wait to take up your recommendation and give this a try!

  2. haha, sorry, i just had to sneak that comment in there, but its not just directed at you dont worry... although you do seem to have a lot of negativity towards brisbane in your reviews!

  3. well im warming up to brisbane, give me a bit of time and if i hit up the lucky streak with my food findings im sure u wont see any more negativity!

  4. Hi there, might you be going to Sake's media event? I'm trying to suss out who's going :D

  5. I shall certainly try! Unfortunately I usually work Tuesday nights... so if I can swap shifts then I will.

  6. It is annoying it's on a weeknight isn't it! I had to take off 1/2 day work too to try to get to Brisbane...