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Brisbane Devoured: Cirque

October 07, 2011


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On L's birthday, we thought we would head out for a nice lunch with my sister, and thought of Cirque at New Farm as an option, having never been there and wishing to try it out. 
Cirque is a blink and you'll miss it shopfront located along the massive stretch of Brunswick street at the New Farm end. Indoors is tiny and a bit cramped, we were seated downstairs, however there is an upstairs section as well that we didn't get a chance to check out. 

The coffee brand used is Genovese from Italy. L's latte was fabulous and while very strong as is typical of Italian coffee, it was well made and not bitter. My sister ordered a refreshing watermelon, pineapple and mint juice of which I was super envious, whilst I panicked and got an iced chocolate... it was okay but I'd hoped for something larger. I do prefer when chocolate syrup is used rather than chocolate powder, so this was a bonus.

Cirque has an all day breakfast menu and a variety of lunch spreads to choose from as well. L's breakfast chowdown consisted of a bit of everything; poached eggs, sausage, bacon, tomato, mushrooms, potato rosti and onion jam. The potato and parmesan rosti was the best part, bacon was a little underdone, sausages were nice but not anything terribly interesting. As a whole meal, it went all together quite nicely. 

My sisters breakfast pide looked large and particularly delicious; a large turkish toasted sandwich within which was bacon, tomato, rocket, relish and topped off by a fried egg. 

Finally, my reuben sandwich was presented as an open sandwich and with all the amazing reuben-ness that I like; large soft chunks of salty corned beef, sour and salty pickles, a large chunk of melted jarlsberg and sauerkraut on toasty sourdough. 

Cirque is a cute place with lovely meals. Our meals took a bit too long to come out, as we were mostly finished our drinks by the time they arrived, however once on the table this was forgiven as we were delighted with the food. Head there for a casual weekday lunch and read the paper whilst you wait...


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