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Brisbane Devoured: Anouk

October 01, 2011


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Although Anouk is widely known and blogged for being one of the best places for breakfast, L and I had not visited up until this occasion. Its the opposite side of town for us, and we very rarely get over to Paddington. After months of wanting to visit, we made the trek on a Monday morning. Grabbing a street park in this area is like trying to find a purple and green spotted cat, so we were pleased to nab one just outside, yes!

There were indoor and outdoor tables, however we preferred to sit out in the sun and watch the cars and pedestrians go by. Indoors looked to be packed out with local "trendy" people.
The breakfast menu looks extremely interesting with such dishes as chai infused coconut rice with almonds, baklava french toast with apple, pistachio and walnut crumble, and maple baked beans with poached egg and kefalotiri soldiers. It was refreshing to see, and great to not have to order the usual eggs benedict and bacon and eggs.

L as usual wanted what I wanted, so I won out with the smashed bubble and squeak with maple cured bacon and spicy red pepper and pork pesto. The bubble and squeak component was mainly potato, sweet potato, spinach and cabbage. The best part was the sweet bacon, but the rest was full of flavour and definitely had a spicy kick. It was a tiny bit greasy, but a minor complaint. 

L resorted to the omelette of smoked trout, goats cheese and caramelised onion with ciabatta and lemon. The omelette was more like a frittata, but was very generous in size, so much that L couldn't finish it, and had massive chunks of both goats cheese and trout. L found it a bit tedious after a while.

Beverages we ordered were a latte for L and a pineapple, lime and coconut frappe for myself. I'd imagined the frappe to be sweet and pina colada-like however it was quite sour from the addition of lime juice. It was still extremely refreshing. L found his latte okay, even though Merlo is one of his least favourite beans, however the amount of thick froth on top made it more cappuccino like instead of a latte. Barista fail.

Anouk is definitely a great place worthy of a visit with some innovative breakfast options, however we can only imagine how busy it would be on a weekend, so try visiting on a weekday as we did.


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