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Brisbane Devoured: Wah Korean Restaurant

April 23, 2011

Wah Korean Restaurant

Wah Korean Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Today was Easter Saturday, being one of the only days this long weekend that shops were actually open we decided to head into the city to do a bit of shopping. I had a list of places to eat that I wanted to try and blog, however NOTHING WAS OPEN!!! I was bitterly disappointed having walked all the way from the mall to find both Pourboy Espresso and Taros Ramen Cafe (we were hoping to eat at one of these places) closed for the weekend. 

We traipsed back to the mall and pondered on what to do when we walked past the tiny opening off the mall that leads to Wah Korean Restaurant. As I didn’t want to eat yet again at Little Singapore (our other option), we decided to try it out. 

Wah definitely has a blink and you’ll miss it entrance, being just off the mall near the entrance to the Myer Centre. The restaurant is down a couple of flights of stairs, and was full of Korean people, a good sign. We were presented with a couple of menus after being seated, which were $9.50 lunch specials and $13 stone pot specials. 
We elected to go the stonepot option, L ordered the chilli pork belly stonepot and I chose the thinly sliced pork stonepot, being the less spicy option. Both came with rice and kimchi in the stonepot.

The photos I took of both dishes look really similar unfortunately. We also had a dish of several condiments, more kimchi, seaweedy looking stuff and potato. 

chilli pork belly stonepot
sliced pork stonepot

The dishes we had were certainly packed full of flavour. I let my pork simmer on the side of my stonepot until it was crunchy and crispy, yum! The only complaint was that it was awkward to eat without touching the side of the stonepot, knowing that you’d end up with third degree burns if you grazed your hand on it. L’s meat was super spicy, but was tender and had a really sweet flavour.

I don’t know if I liked it as much as our other recent Korean experience, Madtongsan, however it was definitely a tasty and cheap lunch option and I am glad we went there. 

It was also highly amusing to watch Korean singing popstars on the TV while we ate lunch, hilarious!



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  2. Ahh- I love watching Korean pop stars- they are hilarious. I have to admit, I am not well versed in Korean food, I'll have to give it a go.

  3. Hmm, Korean food does look pretty tasty. It's cool to try out dishes from all over the world, and it's great that you don't have to go abroad to get a sample of the taste! Heheh, dining while watching some pop stars on TV is a pretty interesting form of entertainment.

    -Larissa Dobbin