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Brisbane Devoured: Dami Japanese Restaurant

April 01, 2011

Dami Japanese Restaurant

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For the last month or so, we’ve been looking with interest at a new Japanese place that is located on the way to our gym... Unfortunately we haven’t tried it yet because stopping in on the way to the gym kind of defeats the purpose of going to the gym, however today we made it there for lunch. 

It doesn’t look like much from the outside but inside is lovely. There’s a collection of kitten and geisha statues, and little Japanese teasets adorning the walls, and one wall is covered in cool wooden squares. Dark wooden tables flow down both sides of the room, with one side being bench seats with coloured cushions to sit on. At the counter, there are dozens of made up sushi rolls for takeaway. We chose to take the table nearest the window and sat to peruse their menu. 

There are the usual suspects, sushi, noodle and rice dishes, and appetisers such as takoyaki, edamame and gyoza. They also have a range of fusion sushi, which sounds similar to those seen at Oishii Sushi bar at Sunnybank.

L ordered gyoza, a set of salmon and avocado rolls and a spider roll, whilst I ordered pork katsu.
There was only one other table whilst we were in there, so our order was taken straight away and the food came out promptly.

Salmon and avocado rolls ($3.50) came out in a set of 4 pieces. They were nicely made and fresh, and interestingly had mayonnaise covered cabbage inside as well as salmon, avocado and a small piece of cucumber. 

We were served 4 gyoza dumplings ($4.50), which were more deep fried than the usual pan fried variety. We are used to being served them with a special gyoza sauce, however these didn’t come out with any sauce at all so we were forced to dip them in soy. They definitely weren't the best gyoza we've had.

Ls spider roll ($12.00, soft shell crab, crab meat, cucumber and flying fish roe) came out soon enough and looked amazing with teriyaki sauce and a mustard mayo adorning the rolls. The spider roll tasted good according to him, but he favoured the fusion sushi offered at Oishii sushi bar more. L asked for wasabi on the side as the dish didn’t come out with any and was tossed a couple of packets of it..... Errrrrrr. Packet wasabi is gross. I didn’t really understand why they didn’t have the proper stuff?

My pork katsu ($11.00) came out quickly as well and was presented with a large serving of BBQ sauce, rice, and mayonnaise dressed cabbage. It was slightly overcooked and the pork inside was thin but fortunately not dry. I liked the cabbage on the side which was creamy and added a bit of crunch to the overall dish.

We are looking forward to trying other things on the menu soon. The restaurant is certainly a great addition to the local area which is definitely lacking in good places to eat. Heres hoping they have moved on from the packet wasabi next time?


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