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Brisbane Devoured: Brew

July 14, 2011


Brew on Urbanspoon

We've known about Brew for a while but up until now haven't ventured down the laneway to visit. Silly us, for missing out on this super cute funky place all this time!

We only ordered beverages, a latte for L and a T2 Brisbane Breakfast tea for me. The latte was well made with a couple of little chocolate coated coffee beans on the side, a nice touch. 
My tea was, well, a tea, but I was pleased to see a cafe with some other teas on their menu besides the usual English Breakfast and Earl Grey. 

Brew also serves breakfast, lunch and tapas. After dark, it would be a fantastic place for a beverage or three, however is disappointingly only open late on weeknights, rather than Saturday and Sundays.

The furnishings are quite funky, with graphic novel styled photos adorning the walls, and tables made from milk crates. If we wanted to open a cafe, it would look like this!

Brew, we shall return


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