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Brisbane Devoured: Symposium Cafe

July 17, 2011

Symposium Cafe

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L and I decided upon Symposium Cafe for a quiet Monday brunch the other week. Reading a lot of mixed reviews, they were mostly positive so I was expecting it to be decent. 
I ordered a banana smoothie and L had his usual latte. L loves Veneziano coffee so he was happy, and the latte was well made. My smoothie was really thick just the way I like it, but quite yoghurty. 

I hate when I am deciding between two things on the menu and end up panicking and picking the wrong option. At least, thats why I think I didn't actually end up enjoying my meal. 

We both went with the intention of ordering from the breakfast menu but ended up with meals from the lunch menu. 

I had the "Naked" haloumi burger, basically a burger without a bun, featuring haloumi, roasted capsicum, egg and avocado, and served with sweet potato crisps. There was an option to get a bun, which I think would have made the whole thing a lot better. The egg was fried and whilst it was still runny, had a burnt blackened bottom which was not at all nice. The capsicum was acidic, vinegared perhaps? and had a rancid taste. The only good part was the haloumi, of which there was not enough and the avocado. The sweet potato crisps were okay but there was so much of them I was a bit confused. I was expecting only a small amount of them as a bit of a garnish, but if it was supposed to be a main feature, why not have actual sweet potato chips or something with a bit of sustenance?

L ordered the sirloin steak with swiss brown mushrooms, potato rosti and port jus. His meal fared better than mine, the potato was certainly the star, but the steak was average and a bit grisly.

Sorry Symposium Cafe, you failed to impress us. 



  1. didnt think they impressed on the breakfast front although the 4 course degustation breakfast is tempting as an idea.

  2. yeah that does sound like a good idea, but I really dont think I will be going back :(