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Brisbane Devoured: Green Papaya Balinese and Thai

August 28, 2011

Green Papaya Balinese and Thai

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Green Papaya located on Stanley Street just near the Gabba offers a menu of typical Balinese and Thai dishes with a bit more of a posh dining experience than your usual casual Thai eatery. 
Indoors is quite cosy and romantic, with tablecloth lined tables for two and intimate mood lighting. A great setting for a first date. Not a great setting for taking photos of the food for this blog post unfortunately. 

Our favourite Thai Beer

One thing I did notice about being on Stanley Street and the restaurant being on a corner is you end up being blinded by car lights quite regularly. This is not so romantic.

There are separations of the menu into Balinese and Thai offerings, and also a winter specials menu with such interesting dishes as Pad Kangaroo and Island curry (roast duck or tofu in red curry sauce with tomato, pineapple and lychee). 

We decided to both order from the Balinese menu as we haven't really eaten Balinese food before, even though we expected it to be fairly similar to other South East Asian cuisines.

But first up was our shared entree of Tahu telur ($14.90) a fried egg coated soft tofu cake served with a sweet sauce. The entree was quite large and reasonably filling. We both weren't particularly ravenous and wanted to save room for our mains so we didn't end up finishing it all. Basically it was cubes of soft tofu made into a kind of large cylindrical omelette and fried. The accompanying sauce was seriously sweet and thick like kecap manis, so it didn't require much dipping into. It was nice, but got a bit sickly after a while. I also thought the outside was rather soggy, whereas I would expected something fried like this to have a crispy outside texture.

Onto our mains, I ordered a Rendang Sapi ($25.90), basically a beef rendang curry which was served with two small rolled up rotis. The roti was lovely, buttery and quite thick. The rendang was served in a cup rather than a plate or bowl, which meant all the sauce had fallen to the bottom, and the top pieces of beef were actually quite dry. No matter, I dug to the bottom and found the most succulent pieces, but the dryness was disappointing.

L ordered the Sambal fish ($34.90), fish of the day accompanied by a Balinese chilli tomato sauce. The sauce wasn't terribly spicy however had a good sweet flavour, however the size of the fish was disappointing, considering we could go to our usual Thai place and order a larger equally as good fish dish for much cheaper. 

Service was okay, but small things happened like our drink orders weren't taken before our meal orders were, and it took a long time for our order to be taken. We had to ask for water also. 

Green Papaya would be best as a place for a first date or romantic dinner as previously described, but a nicer setting means they charge much more for their dishes than your usual Thai place. Is the food worth it? Probably not.


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