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Brisbane Devoured: Beccofino

December 18, 2010


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Last night we had a pre-Christmas gathering with friends at Beccofino at Newstead. I was very keen to go there once I had learnt that was our venue of choice, as I have heard about their amazing pizzas. I was also so in the mood for pizza, having had a very asian themed week with regards to food, I needed some serious carbs. I had also just had a hugenormous workout at the gym so didn't feel nervous about all the pizza calories.

We ordered a couple of bottles of Catalina Sounds Sauvignon Blanc between the 5 of us ($43 per bottle), then decided we would just order 5 pizzas between us to share. I think it might have been a bit presumptuous to think we would all eat a pizza each (the boys would have no troubles but I was a bit worried about us girls), however we definitely wanted to sample a wide range of their pizzas.

Beccofino have two lists; pizza rosse (with their tomato sauce base) and pizza bianche (no sauce base). They also have a range of entrees, mains and pastas but I didn’t really even get beyond the pizza part of the menu to tell you the truth, as soon as I read the list of pizzas I developed a huge creepy smile on my face in anticipation.

We ordered as follows;
Proscuitto (tomato, mozzarella, oregano, prosciutto) - $21.50

Salsiccie (tomato, mozzarella, pork and fennel sausage, roasted onion, provolone cheese, chilli and rocket) - $20.50

Montastio e Cotto (tomato, mozzarella, shaved ham, artichokes and montasio (cow’s milk cheese)) - $20.50

Estate (mozzarella, zucchini flowers, cherry tomatoes, goats cheese, basil) - $20.50

Rustica (mozzarella, shaved ham, mushrooms, asiago cheese, chilli, rocket) - $20.50

My favourite was definitely the Montasio pizza. It had lashings of the tomato base (something I always love on a pizza and am never stingy on), and an awesome flavour. I love artichokes. The shaved ham was delicious. 

My second favourite was the Salsiccie, however the middle of this pizza was slightly soggy so that made it less delicious. The pork and fennel sausage was great.
I don’t know about this trend of putting lashings of rocket on top of pizza though, it completely hides everything underneath. I love rocket, but its just a bit over the top I think.

The pizza crusts were just perfect at Beccofino, and the simple ingredients really stand out. The pizzas were definitely top-notch. The only thing that bugged me was the distinct lack of a garlic taste. I love garlic and I love having garlic breath (okay not really).

We went on and had dessert, however I completely forgot to take photos of them. L and I shared the Terrina al Cioccolatto (a dark, white and milk chocolate terrine) - $9.50. It was absolutely delicious and we ended up having a fight over who got to eat what layer (I ended up with most of the milk and white layers and L ate the dark layer). I felt it needed some cream or icecream to cut through the richness of the chocolate though.
The other desserts ordered were the macadamia and coconut semifreddo ($9.50) and Zuppa inglese (trifle with raspberries, mascarpone, sherry and almonds, also $9.50). These were both also thoroughly enjoyed.

I am definitely heading back to Beccofino for more pizza and to also sample their pasta menu. Is it up there as the best pizza in Brisbane? I think so.

The service we experienced at Beccofino was also worthy of a mention. All of our pizzas came out at once, and our waitress was attentive, friendly and efficient.


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