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Brisbane Devoured: Little Hong Kong

December 10, 2010

Little Hong Kong

Little Hong Kong on Urbanspoon

Lazy day off, had to drive L’s car to the smash repairs (he drove into a pole at the shopping centre), which was near Sunnybank, and decided to stop in somewhere for some lunch.

We drove to Market Square and as usual walked around for ten minutes before finally choosing a place to eat. Finally, we perused the menu outside at Little Hong Kong and decided we would enjoy the food, so went in. 

Little Hong Kong is part of the Little Singapore restaurant chain. There are a few BBQ meat options on the menu, as well as a large variety of noodle, rice and soup dishes. 

Once we finally obtained the attention of the giggly gossipy girls that were waitressing, L ordered a Signature BBQ Pork “Char Siew” with rice ($10.50) and a coke, and I ordered a Wonton noodle soup ($11.80), with a “homemade” lemonade to drink.

Dishes came out super promptly. L’s BBQ pork was so delicious but was oddly cool to touch.... I would’ve thought it should be warm? He ate it anyway and had no adverse effects, it was really tasty but would have been so much tastier had it have been the appropriate temperature. 

BBQ Pork
 My wonton soup was a HUGE serving. The broth was salty and tasty. The noodles were thin and reminded me of Maggi noodles but were still OK. The wontons were all reasonable, but nothing special. I was still happy with my dish and extremely full. 

Wonton Noodle Soup
 Shortly after eating, I developed a huge headache and became extremely sleepy.... too much MSG, I thought???

Food was simple and reasonable, L certainly would love to try the BBQ pork again, however I would probably prefer to try other places at Market Square, or go back to Little Singapore. 


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  1. I had the exact same thing happen to me with the MSG hit. Had to sleep in the car for a few minutes to recover; not the best look in Sunnybank...