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Brisbane Devoured: Little Singapore Uptown

December 31, 2010

Little Singapore Uptown

Little Singapore Up Town on Urbanspoon

We’ve already blogged about Little Singapore at Sunnybank, the main branch of the Little Singapore chain. The owners have two other restaurants in the city, one located on Charlotte St and one in the cute little Albert Lane wherein also lies Vapiano and The Tea Centre.

I always complain because there seems to be a lack of places open on a Sunday to eat in the city. All the places I want to go or try are usually shut. On this occasion it was also raining so we didn’t want to hike too far in the wet. I suggested that we walk down to Ajisen Ramen but this idea was quickly shot down by a major downpour. We ducked into Albert Lane and so our choice was made.

We’ve eaten at Little Singapore Uptown numerous times and its always delicious. The menu is a pared down version of the other restaurants and food is always served in plastic or paper bowls with plastic cutlery but it has a great busy atmosphere and there are always crowds of people enjoying their food.

I ordered a Roti canai with Chicken Curry for $12 and L ordered a Kung Po beef with rice (same dish that I ordered in our review of Little Singapore Sunnybank) for $10.50. 

Roti with chicken curry
Kung po beef

I feel that the chicken curry is better here than at the one at Sunnybank, simply because they use chicken breast meat and at Sunnybank, I am always served a drumstick or an unidentifiable bony part of the chicken. Maybe they are catering more to the western masses at the Uptown branch?

The Roti was fluffy and as amazing as usual. The dish was accompanied by curried vegetables and a creamy raita type sauce (I have no idea what the Malaysian version of raita is called, but I am sure this is it!). 

L’s meal was also tasty. Both dishes just hit the spot on a cool rainy day.
I have no hesitation in recommending Little Singapore Uptown as a great place to grab lunch in the city!


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