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Brisbane Devoured: Lady Marmalade

February 24, 2011

Lady Marmalade

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I haven’t been to Stones Corner in absolutely years. It used to be the place to go for cheap discounted clothes stores however these have been on the way out for a long while, so I was interested to know what was left behind? Apparently not much, it all looks very rundown and shabby, however there are still a few interesting finds, particularly a clothes shop called Miss Savage (I purchased a dress) and the cafe Lady Marmalade. 

Lady Marmalade is actually run by a certain two My Kitchen Rules contestants, both of whom were there when we went for lunch. It is located in a weirdly shaped corner shop, which doesn’t leave much room for a large number of tables (they are all located outside in the street), nor a “proper” kitchen. The decor is totally cool, with random oddities such as a peacock perched up near the ceiling, mismatched tables and chairs and exposed brickwork. 

They have a large range of sandwiches and yummy cakes and slices in a display cabinet, or you can order from their all day menu, which is what we did. 

L ordered a Wagyu beef burger with chilli jam, caramelised onion, melted gruyere and rocket for $11.50. Unfortunately they had no burger buns left, so they asked him if he wouldn’t mind having it on sourdough bread. He also ordered a latte. 

The “burger” was really delicious, and the chilli jam was the best bit in my opinion. Mr Coffee Snob really liked the blend they use, which I found out later is ordered to their specifications from Melbourne. 

I ordered the Haloumi, roasted pumpkin, chilli and mint pesto, tomato and spinach on sourdough ($10.50). I was superhappy to be presented with a massive chunk of haloumi, my favourite cheese. The whole thing worked very well together, although didn’t get much chilli out of the pesto. My drink was a Daylesford and Hepburn sparkling pink grapefruit mineral water, something which I’ve not seen in any Brissy cafes (maybe I just don’t get to many cafes though). 

I really wanted to order a slice or cake afterwards, however the fact that we had a heap of freshly baked cupcakes at home stopped me. So we will definitely return to sample some of these in future! I really liked the food and the whole atmosphere at the cafe. Hopefully more places like this will bring new life to Stones Corner. 



  1. the sight of that haloumi cheese draped over pumpkin and sourdough is amazinggg!

    Looks like a great little place, thanks for the review!!

  2. Wow! Both the dishes looked soooo delicious! The wagyu burger and chilli jam would be something we'd really like to devour!