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Brisbane Devoured: Bishamon Japanese

November 06, 2010

Bishamon Japanese

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I was very reluctant to write this post. We’ve been heading to Bishamon for a long time now, and it seems that more and more people are discovering this wonderful Japanese restaurant. We’d like to keep it all to ourselves so there’s more for us, but because its one of my favourite places to eat, I would like to brag about it a little.
Bishamon is located in Spring Hill on Boundary Street across from the International Hotel which handily has a bottle shop in case you want to grab something to drink. Bishamon is BYO wine as well as being licenced and offering a range of beers, plum wine and several types of sake or rice wine. 

The menu offers a huge variety of appetisers and larger meals which are best enjoyed when sharing numerous plates between you and your friends. There are the usual suspects including sashimi, gyoza and sushi as well as some other interesting choices.
Bishamon also has a small teppanyaki bar squeezed in front of the main kitchen, we have never eaten from this part of the menu, but would imagine you’d have to book specially to sit here. 

The highlight of the menu for us is that you can order all-you-can-eat Shabu Shabu or Sukiyaki for $32, which is something we ALWAYS get due to the great value. Imagine as many plates of thinly sliced melt in your mouth wagyu beef as you can eat. If you aren’t familiar with each of these dishes, they basically involve a hotpot simmering away on your table within which you cook beef and vegies then dip into a variety of sauces with the Shabu Shabu or raw egg if you order Sukiyaki. Rice is included. 

On this occasion there were 4 of us and we partook in the Shabu Shabu as well as ordering two plates of salmon sashimi to eat as entree.
At Bishamon, the waitress will always bring out a complementary tiny sample of their menu for you to chew on whilst pondering the menu. This time it was some sort of fish cake, unfortunately everyone snaffled theirs up before I could get a photo.

The salmon sashimi was beautifully presented and fresh and delicious. I just wish there was more of it on the plate!

Our Shabu Shabu broth came out promptly after the sashimi plates were cleared. The Shabu Shabu is accompanied by two sauces, a sesame and a lemon soy. Our first platter of meat arrived as well as a plate consisting of bean sprouts, carrot, 4 large pieces of tofu, thin rice noodles, spring onion and cabbage. 

We smashed our way through 5 plates of wagyu beef before calling it a night.
Bishamon is a smallish restaurant with the tables packed tightly in, and can get very noisy at times as such. The wait staff are efficient but run off their feet, so there was an occasional long delay between plates of meat.
The food at Bishamon is authentic, fresh and delicious. We need to sample more things off their menu but can never go past the all-you-can-eat! One day.........


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