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Brisbane Devoured: Atomica Eat Drink

June 06, 2011

Atomica Eat Drink

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The day after eating at Tempo, we again returned to West End to eat brunch/lunch with my sister. I say lunch because it was definitely after noon, however it was also brunch because, as usual, she always wants breakfast at lunch time.
Luckily Atomica serves all day breakfast, which seeing as it was a Monday, was great news. We sat on one of the wooden tables out the front, which unfortunately meant we were hassled by West End locals wanting us to buy the Big Issue. 

L ordered a latte, as usual, whilst I ordered a banana smoothie and my sister had an iced mocha, without cream. As if you would order an iced anything without cream, its the best part!
L was much happier with his latte at Atomica, which was made from merlo beans. He gave this latte a 9/10, saying it was almost faultless. L thinks that its unfortunately easy to find bad Merlo coffee, but when its done well, its excellent.

My banana smoothie was nice, included some honey, however was just made with milk and could have been thicker if it had some icecream or yoghurt added. My sister was quite happy with her mocha, although it looked fairly messily done to me.

I ordered bacon and eggs with sourdough toast and tomato jam. The bacon was well done with crunchy edges, just the way I like it. The poached eggs were perfectly done, the tomato jam was delicious and the sourdough chewy. 

My sister had eggs Benedict with ham. The dish was fine, except the hollandaise wasn’t the best, looking quite runny and slightly separated. 

L had the lamb and rosemary sausages, which came with bubbles and squeak, mushrooms, onion jam, poached eggs and toast. The bubbles and squeak mostly consisted of sweet potato and although there was an unfortunate charred layer on top, L actually liked that crunchy exterior! The lamb sausages were quite rustic and delicious. Again, the poached eggs were done well. 

Atomicas breakfast was simple, cheaper and although it wasn't perfect it just seemed better executed than our previous review (and the inside of the cafe was much cleaner!). We would certainly be happy to eat breakfast there again.


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