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Brisbane Devoured: Brisbane Winter Festival

June 19, 2011

Brisbane Winter Festival

The Brisbane Winter Festival is currently on now and until the 26th of June when it heads off to Sydney and then Melbourne. 

L and I decided to head there last night as there promised to be mulled wine, lots of food and free chai!

A large outdoor ice skating rink has been set up in King George Square in the city. We didn't partake in skating because a) we cannot iceskate and would have looked like the many feeble would-be skaters edging their way cautiously around the rink and b) the ice looked a bit melted and after 30 minutes of the session being underway, there was a large cut up section resembling snow instead. Our friends, being super skilled ice hockey players went out instead, and we watched them from the side. 

We obtained a free Lipton Chai from the Chai tent, which was ok, only being good because it was free of course. I wouldn't normally buy Lipton Chai, but of course was interested in a free one.

There weren't as many food stalls as we were expecting. We grabbed a sausage each from the German Sausage Hut, mine was a cheese kransky and L's was a spicy sausage, both wrapped in a fresh bun and topped with sauerkraut. The cheese kransky was pure deliciousness. Major apologies for the extraordinarily poor photo.

This was followed by a pretzel from the same stall.

We followed up our food with a nice mug of mulled wine (Gluhwein), which was available in traditional and berry varieties. I can definitely recommend the traditional gluhwein as the berry was extremely sweet. At least with the traditional one you could appreciate the spiciness. 

The Winter Festival turned out to be something different to do on a Saturday night, so get down there if you can to check it out.


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