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Brisbane Devoured: MOS Burgers

June 08, 2011

MOS Burgers

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Once we were sure that the crowds surrounding MOS burgers would surely have died down, L and I ventured over there for lunch. For those who are unsure, MOS burgers is a Japanese burger chain, and the store at Sunnybank is the first in Australia.
We were greeted by all the staff yelling “Welcome to MOS burgers!!!!” as we went up to order, its certainly a friendly place for what is essentially a burger joint comparable to McDonalds or Hungry Jacks. No sullen and slow teenagers here thats for sure.

I ordered the Beef Yakiniku rice burger with fries and a coke, whilst L ordered the Wagyu beef burger with cheese.
I sneakily thought I had the better deal, as we had fought over who got to order the Beef Yakiniku burger and I won (of course).
Unfortunately for me, in both our opinions the Wagyu beef burger won hands down. 

The beef yakiniku burger was definitely tasty, the beef was sweet and succulent and the rice patty was interesting, however the Wagyu beef burger was all round delicious. There was wasabi added, which L and I are both fans of, generous amounts of tomato and lettuce, the bun was soft and sweet and the beef was great.
I am generally sick of receiving dodgy lettuce and a tiny sliver of insipid looking tomato on fast food burgers, whereas this was not the case with MOS burgers. 

The fries were in between thin French fry style and a thicker cut and were fairly decent, although very salty. We also were pleased to get our drinks in an actual glass *gasp*.

When we are craving fast food, we would be more than happy to drive back to MOS burgers rather than visiting the usual suspects. 


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