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Brisbane Devoured: Max Brenner Southbank

June 17, 2011

Max Brenner Southbank

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Months after Max Brenner at Southbank opening, we finally were able to figure out a time when the line to order wasn’t 8.35 kilometres long. Apparently this time is NOT on a Saturday night, a Sunday afternoon, or a weekday night, but on a Monday at about 2.30pm. 

We’ve visited the Max Brenner at Robina a few times, so were familiar with the menu and the amazing chocolateyness that awaited us. I am sure most foodies would be extremely familiar with Max Brenner.

I was quite set on ordering the Tutti- frutti waffles (waffles served with ice-cream, banana and strawberries with melted chocolate), however as soon as we spotted the menu with the Euphoria Banana Split Waffle Sundae ($14.50) on it, we decided immediately that we had to have this. 

The sundae consisted of 2 scoops of vanilla ice-cream, waffle squares, crunchy waffle balls, toffee, banana slices, and was served with a small pot of melted chocolate, and caramelised pecans.
It was so delicious and I got to have my waffle fix at the same time. It also made us realise how much we were missing bananas. At $1 billion per kilo at the local Woolworths, we hadn’t had a banana in such a long time. I almost cried. 

Being greedy as usual, we also ordered beverages. L ordered the Italian thick hot white chocolate ($6), and I ordered the white chocolate chai (also $6). In my opinion the drinks are far overpriced, even though the white chocolate chai is really sweet and pure deliciousness. It’s served in a strange infuser, which you place onto your cup and the drink comes through the bottom.
L couldn’t make it through his white hot chocolate due to sweetness overload, but commented that being an Italian hot chocolate, it should have been a lot thicker. 

I am sure it is not the last time we will visit Max Brenner, we will just have to negotiate another time to visit.


  1. For non-chocolate overloaded drinks, next time try the lime and mint frappe thing, it's delicious!! And just sour enough to cut through all the sugary chocolately goodness of the desserts!

  2. Hmmmm that sounds like just the thing to have with a supersweet dessert, will give it a go next time!