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Brisbane Devoured: Schonell Pizza Caffe

August 19, 2011

Schonell Pizza Caffe

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I used to eat at Schonell Pizza Caffe HEAPS when I was a student (at least once a week). Their pizzas were awesome, excellent bases and only a few ingredients as is usual with good pizzas, and they were cheap. I also got a student discount of course.

Since I left uni which was 6 years ago, I have only eaten there maybe twice. This last occasion was a stop in on the way home from L's touch football game which he plays at UQ (L is a student there). 
Schonell Pizza Caffe is located near the main refectory at UQ at St Lucia, outside the Schonell Theatre which usually plays arthouse type movies. 

The menu rather cutely lists a different type of pizza for each letter of the alphabet. The Caffe is also licensed, with beer and wine. Pizzas for normal people start at $14 and for a student, $12.

I ordered my old favourite, the 'P' pizza (or Pasolini), which is pancetta, roasted potato, rosemary and parmesan. 

I was left disappointed unfortunately. The toppings were the same as usual, although less pancetta than I remember was used. The base was still good. The problem was the tomato sauce was super thick and just tasted like tomato paste. 

L's 'H' pizza of hot salami, olives, anchovies and oregano with added chilli was the same, good toppings however there was far too much tomato paste type sauce. 

Schonell seems to have dropped in standards somewhat to how it used to be unfortunately. I still think its a reasonable deal price wise, and the pizzas are still okay however they seriously need to do something about the sauce....blergh.


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