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Brisbane Devoured: Sydney - Cafe Cre Asion

August 13, 2011

Sydney - Cafe Cre Asion

Cafe Cre Asion on Urbanspoon

In Sydney for the weekend, I had hoped to try and make it over to Adriano Zumbo's patisserie for some macarons, however as this was probably not going to be likely, I searched for somewhere else to grab some as a present for L. 

I came across Cafe CreAsion on the NSW Urbanspoon site, it had been reviewed by numerous bloggers and seemed to be the place to go in the CBD for macarons.

My friend and I trudged around the city trying to find it, and finally managed to locate it in this little back street at about 5 o'clock on the Saturday. I hadn't high hopes for actually finding the place open at this time, but to my surprise it was, although all they were selling was macarons, which was okay by me.

I bought a box of 8 for $21, the macarons are usually $2.70 each. The flavours sounded really interesting compared to the usual suspects that I have seen, although a few of the interesting ones weren't available so I grabbed what I could.

Flavours I grabbed were; 
Chai, Green tea, Caramel, Vanilla, Chocolate, Plum Wine, Peanut Butter and Raspberry Jam.

 Some of the macarons had a hard top and didn't have that soft chewiness that they usually have, however this may be due to them not being as fresh, as we didn't eat them until Sunday evening!
Chai was packed with flavour and tasted like a real chai latte, Vanilla was a nice surprise as being heavily flavoured with vanilla bean, when I was expecting more of an artificial vanilla milkshake flavour. Plum wine was interesting. Chocolate was overwhelmingly strong flavoured and decadent. Our favourite however was caramel, rich and fantastic! 
plum wine
green tea

Cafe CreAsion looks like a cute place to grab a snack and a coffee from in the  Sydney CBD, as well as being "the next big thing" in macaron land.


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