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Brisbane Devoured: Little Singapore Sunnybank

November 05, 2010

Little Singapore Sunnybank

Little Singapore Sunnybank on Urbanspoon

Although we live so close to the many restaurants of the Sunnybank area, we have only recently started venturing over there for dinner. We’ve eaten at Little Singapore at Sunnybank numerous times and also at their Uptown branch in Albert Lane in the city.
Little Singapore is located in Market Square at Sunnybank, amongst an absolute plethora of tasty and cheap places to eat. We’ve tried a few places in Market Square but find ourselves going back here to eat. 

We drove over there this past Wednesday night, having bare cupboards at home and not being bothered to head to the supermarket to get anything. It was almost eight thirty when we found ourselves seated however the restaurant was still super busy. We have been there at random occasions ie late at night on what we thought would be quiet weeknights and yet this place is always packed. It must do a fantastic trade.

Little Singapore’s menu consists mainly of (predictably) Singaporean and Malaysian dishes. L ordered the seafood Char Kway Teow which is a noodle dish, and I ordered Kung Po beef with rice, a spicy Sichuan dish (obviously not Singaporean or Malaysian).  We also ordered a mango and a watermelon frappe to drink. 

My Kung Po beef’s sauce was so tasty I almost wanted to lick the plate. It wasn’t actually that spicy either, although it contained a lot of dried chilli I let L pick this out to eat. I originally thought there wasn’t enough pieces of meat, but at the end of the dish I found myself quite full. 

L’s Char Kway Teow was packed out with seafood, consisting of fish, scallops, prawns and squid. It was also a HUGE serving. He always gets a tiny side dish of chilli sauce to dip into which the waitress quite happily brought over for him. I think though, the dish needed a tad more flavour for him to be completely happy with it. 

The mango frappe was absolutely delicious and no complaints there. The watermelon however needed a bit of sweetening up and was a bit bland. 

Overall we like Little Singapore and no doubt will be back. Servings are decent sized and its always a cheap night out. 


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